Gallery Analyzer

Gallery Analyzer

The Gallery is an automated analyzer that is able to work with very small volume samples to quickly and accurately measure aspects of wort such as:

  • A-Amylase
  • Diastatic Power
  • B-Glucan
  • FAN
  • Soluble Protein
  • Wort Color

The Gallery can also measure barley aspects such as DON and leaf nitrates for forage samples


The Gallery works by the principles of spectrophotometry and is able to detect fine color changes in a solution. Each of the above tests has an individual protocol which uses different chemistries to allow reactions revealing a color change that correlates to the enzyme or compound of interest. The Gallery fully automates the mixing, incubating, and measuring required for each test and produces an Excel sheet ready for review when it is finished. 

This state of the art machine offers many benefits to the MSU Barley Breeding Program:

  • Small sample volumes allow minimal use of reagents saving the program money
  • Automation streamlines results and reduces human error
  • Bench-top methods would take in the vicinity of 24 hours to complete - the Gallery is able to do these tests in just a couple hours
  • The Gallery originated as an analyzer in the medical fields and already has many more tests it can perform if the need arose
  • The Gallery is an open system, meaning that more tests are continually being developed for it