Moisture percentage in malt is important:

  • Too high and the malt can have storage mold issues and may be more expensive to transport due to weight. Too low and there can be milling issues.
  • Moisture is also an important aspect of the Extract measurement as it is often reported as "db" or dry basis.

Barley moisture is determined with NIR (along with protein). Malt  moisture can also be measured via NIR, and although this provides a good value, a highly precise measure is needed as moisture is included in the calculation for extract. We determine this value directly on the fine grist flour used in our laboratory congress mash by weighing the flour before and after a period spent drying in a moisture oven. 

Metler Toledo scale

IsoTemp oven at 104C

Isotemp oven with samples drying

Malt samples drying

  • Finely ground malt samples are pre-weighed
  • The moisture oven is set at 104C
  • Samples dry for 3 hours before being re-weighed