Heirloom Flavor

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Chasing Maris Otter & Golden Promise Flavor

World-wide and world-class, heirloom barleys are studied at Montana State University to support craft brewing


Barley Breeding for Better Beer

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Barley Breeding Takes 10-12 Years From Cross to Release

In this article we discuss the barley breeding process and what all goes into creating new barley varieties that will satisfy the grower, maltster and brewer.

Sprouted Grain

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A Potential New Market for Maltsters

The practice of sprouting grains has been around for thousands of years and offers various benefits. Health concious consumers are brining demand and craft malsters are well equiped to create local sprouted grain products.


Acidulated Malt

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A Unique Tool for Brewers to Maintain pH and Impact Flavor

Originating as a method for German brewers to adhere to the Reinheitsgebot purity law, acidulated malt offers brewers multiple ways to create unique products!

2-Row vs 6-Row

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Gain a Better Understanding of the Differences and NA Origins of These Two Unique Types of Barley.

Up until recent years 6-row barley types dominated US barley production, but breeding efforts, climate change and market demands have shifted that production to 2-row. This article discusses the shift as well as the unique brewing characterstics of both types.


Glycosidic Nitrile (GN) Management

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Glycosidic Nitrile Management in Malted Barley is of Interest to Distillers.

Few varieties currently grown in North America are "non-GN", this is an important consideration for maltsters working with distillers. This ASBC poster presentation was a joint project between MSU and Hartwick College and outlines GN levels in common NA varieties along with management practices.


Pico Malting Technique

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Barley Breeding Efforts are Bolstered by More Data, Earlier in the Process.

This poster, presented at the 2021 World Brewing Congress, outlines an updated method for pico malting (very small scale malting at 5.6g per sample) which improves throughput and allows our program to make selections for malting barley very early in the process (5th generation - F5s).



Heirloom Barley Chemical Profiling

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Brewers Feel Heirloom Varieties Offer More Flavor

Our heirloom barley research trial aims to explore the flavor potential of ancient varietes collected from 42 countries around the world. This work is a joint project between MSU and CSU and here some early work was presented at ASBC 



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 Check Out the Research Coming Out of the Barley, Malt & Brewing Quality Lab!