MT Ag Live

Hannah Turner on MT Ag Live

Craft Brewing in Montana: MSU Lab Helps

This MT Ag Live episode covers Craft Brewing in Montana! Lab Director Hannah Turner joins the panel to discuss how the Barley, Malt & Brewing Lab supports the state and beyond.


Beer Sessions Radio

Hannah Turner on Beer Sessions Radio

No Barley, No Beer: Craft Malt Conference Episode 4

Kick back and chat Craft Malt with Hannah Turner, Director of The MSU Barley and Malt Quality Lab in Bozeman, MT; Hillary Barile of Rabbit Hill Farms in New Jersey; and Jesse Bussard, Executive Director of the Craft Maltsters Guild.

Hannah tracks her journey through plant science to studying brewing at MSU. Jesse recollects her own history with agriculture and homebrewing that led her to the Craft Maltsters Guild. After some serious suspense, Hillary dishes on Rabbit Hill Malt House winning Best of Show at the Craft Malt Cup Awards.


Lab Analysis

Getting The Most of Your Lab Analysis Slide

Behind the Scenes - How to Get the Most of Your Lab Analysis!

Lab Director Hannah Turner is joine by Aaron Macleod and Katie Fromuth in this discussion of malt analysis and how to interpret it! Tips for sample submission, and how to understand inherent variaition - a must watch for malsters and anyone reading a CoA!




Lab Director Hannah Turner visits with Abbie and Will Steiger

In this podcast interview we cover everthing from the basics of the malting process to current projects in the Lab. Be sure to check out @thatmontanabeerbitch on all the standard platforms!

Malt Conference: Barley Team Interview

CMC video

Review of Current Projects at the 2021 Craft Malt Conference

Breeder Jamie Sherman, Lab Director Hannah Turner, and PhD Candidate Joe Jensen discuss current program projects with attendees of the 2021 CMC.


Beer Smith Podcast


 Jamie Sherman and Jen Blair

Jamie Sherman, MSU Barley Breeder and Jen Blair, past ED for the Craft Maltster's Guild discuss malt and the 2019 CMC held in Bozeman MT with Brad Smith on the BeerSmith Podcast

Micro Malting

MSU Micro Malters

Malt Research Involves Evaluating Thousands of Samples Each Season

Follow along as we walk you through our process of micromalting!


Virtual Lab Tour

Jamie Sherman and Hannah Turner

Take a Program Tour With Our Breeder and Lab Director

Breeder Jamie Sherman and Quality Lab Director Hannah Turner talk about current program projects and tour you through the program facilities.


Malt Flavor

Wort for sensory

Malt is The Soul of Beer

In this webinar Hannah Turner discusses origins of malt flavor outside of the typically considered kinling process. Current research in the areas of variety, terroir, and malt modification are covered.


Friability Method


From Process to Maintenance, Learn about Friability

Lab Director Hannah Turner walks you through the process of measuring friability with explanation of calculations, calibration, and maintenance practices.


North American Guild of Beer Writers Discussion

Craft Malt

Why You Should Care About Craft Malt!

Lab Director Hannah Turner joins Jesse Bussard of the Craft Malsters Guild to discuss all things craft malt and why you should care!


NAGBW Q&A Session

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Listen in: NAGBW Beer Writers Dig Deeper Into the Story!

Q&A Session - why you should care about craft Malt!