up to 8kg


All brewing trials and any advanced lines


3 samples per week

Our macro malts allow us to malt in house barley that we will then brew in house. This process is the most real-world representative due to it's scale. As we use false bottoms in our steep/germ tank for this scale it means that we forgo the automated turning and get a chance to be hands on with our malt, doing regular manual turns of the grain. We are currently working on a Brewers Association funded project where consider the interactions of variety, level of modification, and kilning regime on malt and beer flavor. On both malts and beer we will evaluate quality, chemical and sensory profiles.

False bottom installed in CLP malter for Milli scale malting CLP malter filled with barley for milli malting
germinating barley at the milli malt scale CLP kiln bin for milli malt scale