CLP micromalter cage

Pico malting allows us to test for malt quality earlier in the breeding process, ensuring that we don’t lose high quality malt lines when selecting only on agronomic values. These small-scale lab malts are more variable than larger scales, but for the purposes of making broad spectrum selections or obtaining preliminary data on a potential research focus, this method greatly improves our throughput and ability to make decisions in a timely way. An interesting note: we are in the process of developing a publication detailing this process and which should be available soon!


5.6g, loaded into loose leaf tea ball cages


F5s & varied specific research questions where a high number of samples exist or there is limited seed


288 samples a week

Malting drain
Set up
Malt balls Tube


2020 World Brewing Congress Poster with further detail on our Pico Malting Scale

malt germinating in pico scale loose leaf teaball cages