Please join us July 7th at the Post Farm in Bozeman, Montana as several of our Research Programs are showcased!


8:00 – 8:25 a.m. --  Registration with coffee and rolls

8:25—8:30 a.m. -- Introductions

8:30 - 8:40 a.m. -- Welcome by Dr. Darrin Boss, Research Centers Department Head; Superintendent of NARC



(See details for each program's presentation below!)

8:45 a.m. – Barley Breeding Program with Dr. Jamie Sherman and Barley Team

Field P-2

9:35 a.m. — Soil Acidity & Sulfur Research, with Drs. Clain Jones & Manbir Rakkar and Kaleb Baber

Field: G-3

10:35 a.m. — Winter Wheat Breeding Research, with Drs. Sue Mondal and Jennifer Lachowiec, Jake Tracy & Hrithik Pahuja

Field G-2

11:15 a.m.  – Innovations for Precision Ag in Montana with Dr. Paul Nugent

Field: G-3

12:05 p.m. – Crop Protection and Weed Research with Drs. Fabian Menallad & Tim Seipel and Tyler Hicks

Field: Y-4 through Y-4 & Y-6




1:00 p.m.—Lunch provided by Staff Team.

Beer provided by Bridger Brewing

Bridger Brewing Logo

              Luncheon Speaker— Dr. Mary Burrows, Assistant Director of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station.

              Thanks and Closing Remarks— Dr. Darrin Boss                     


To learn more about the Post Farm, check out this virtual tour!

Getting to the Post Farm (Schaff Way):

Hint: Google search of Schaff way brings the main gate up for directions

Map to Post Farm - West of Bozeman on Huffine

Post Farm Field Map

Post Farm field map

2022 Post Farm Field Map Key

G-1 – Metcalf Barley, PH Study G-2 – Winter Wheat Breeding Plots G-3 – Metcalf Barley, PH Study    
P-1 – AJ Oats (rotational crop) P-2 – Barley Breeding Plots P-3 – Oats (rotational crop) P-4 – Fallow P-5 – Spring Wheat Breeding Plots
P-6 – Fallow P-7 – Fallow P-8 – AJ Oats (rotational crop) P-9 – Pea Protein Study  
O-1 & O-2 – Cropping Systems O-3 – Metcalf Barley (rotational crop) O-4 – Fallow    
R-1 – Fallow R-2 – Fallow R-3 – Spring Wheat Breeding Plots    
W-1 – AJ Oats (rotational crop) W-2 – Winter Canola Study W-3 – Fallow W-4 – Barley Breeding Plots W-5 & W-6 -- AJ Oats (rotational crop)
Y-1 & Y-2 -- Pulse Breeding Plots Y-5 – Metcalf Barley (rotational crop) Y-7 – Chickpeas /  Naked Oats Plots Y-8 & Y-9 – Fallow Y-10 – Durum Breeding & Cereal Quality Plots
Y-4, Y-6, Y-11, Y-12, Y-13, Y-14, Y-15 – Crop Protection / Herbicide Study Plots        


To learn more about all of MSU Small Grains Research Check out the

Small Grains Performance Evaluation and Recommendations 

info providided by our various breeding programs!

Highlighted programs for the 2022 Post Farm Field Day


Jamie ShermanBarley Breeing Program - [email protected]

The barley team will be highlighting current work including varieties in the pipeline (Jamie Sherman) and interactive stations allowing guests to learn about our variouis research areas.

Food Barley Demo & Tastings

Hannah Turner -- Barley, Malt & Brewing Quality Lab - [email protected]

With support from Montana Wheat and Barley the MSU Barley Program is putting focus toward developing food barleys and analytical parameters for food barley selection. Visit the food barley demo to try some breads made with sprouted and koji malted barleys!

Winter Barley Breeding for MT Growers: Progress and Potential

Since 2017 the MT Barley Breeding Program has been making and screening winter barley crosses, please join us to discuss the exciting progress and potential of the MT winter barley program.

Traci Hoogland - Post Doc [email protected]

Barley-Malt - Selecting Desirable Agronomic Traits to Improve Malt Quality

Malt quality selection is a prime example of goldilocks syndrome where we are not trying to maximize traits but instead, shoot for a target range.  This can be challenging because as you change one quality trait they all change correspondingly. To complicate this further agronomic traits like heading and dormancy have a cascade of effects on many malt quality traits.   

Joe Jensen - PhD Candidate [email protected]

Investigating Stay-Green and Root traits in Barley - visit with Jessica to learn more!

Stay-green is a trait that causes plants to stay greener longer during the growing season. I am investigating unique root system characteristics connected to the stay-green trait, and how all of this applies to drought tolerance.

Jessica Williams - PhD Candidate  [email protected]

Remote Sensing - visit with Trevor to learn more about our drone work!

Trevor Palone - [email protected]

Check out past years Barley Team Virtual Field Day Tours -- 8 videos covering the program in 2020!

Adventures in Soil Science

Dr. Clain Jones - [email protected]

Clain has great info and links here:

Manbir Rakkar - [email protected]

Kaleb Baber

Winter Wheat Breeding and Research

Dr. Sue Mondal - [email protected]

Dr. Jennifer Lachowiec - [email protected]

Jake Tracy - [email protected]

Hrithik Pahuja - [email protected]


Innovations for Precision Ag in Montana

Dr. Paul Nugent - [email protected]

Dr. Shirin Ghatrehsamani - 

Dr. Jasmine Neupane - 

Check out this MSU article on the Future of Farming!

Crop Protection and Weed Research

Dr. Fabian Menalled - [email protected]

Tim Siepel - [email protected]

Tyler Hicks - [email protected]

Meet the full Cropland Weed Ecology and Management Laboratory team here.

More info on Cropweed Management can be found here.