Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Malting Barley Cooperative Page!

This cooperative is established as a collaborative among the regions researchers, growers, maltsters, brewers and distillers and provides a framework to rapidly and effectively develop new barley lines adapted to a changing environment and for the growing industries in need of added value malt products.

Expected Outcomes of the Coops establishment:

1. The collaborative will provide a long-term means of providing new varieties with unique traits for the craft malting and all-malt brewing industry.

2. Growers in the Rocky Mountain region will benefit by having another stable market for their barley.

3. Growers' risk in raising malt barley will be mitigated by the creation of lines with stable quality under dryland production.

4. A mechanism will be established to identify and incorporate unique quality traits that will support the all-malt industry.

5. Genetic dissection of quality traits and quality stability will allow for the more efficient release of lines.

6. Malt barley production will be more sustainable and more stable.