To educate our future leaders by creating inspiring, innovative, and engaging experiences that prepare our graduates to serve the evolving needs of business and society. This is achieved through a culture of trust and mutual respect, free expression and inquiry, and a commitment to truth, excellence, and the entrepreneurial spirit.


To be the leader in business education and entrepreneurial innovation for Montana, meaningfully advancing the economic, environmental, and social prosperity of the communities in our state, region, and beyond.

Core Values


We deliver high-quality academic programs and services and create relevant scholarship that informs current and future business practices.


We model the behavior we value in our students and community. We value transparency and accountability in all our actions.


We build a supportive and respectful culture where differences and diversity are sources of strength.


We foster a culture of shared knowledge and ownership of our collective vision, mission, and success.

Intellectual Curiosity

We work to learn more about our fields with agility and adaptability in the pursuit of knowledge in changing local, national, and global landscapes. 


We seek to understand the needs of stakeholders and take responsibility to help meet their needs.

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Strategic Plan


To challenge, support, and inspire Jabs students to become leaders in their space through active participation in high quality, innovative, and rigorous educational experiences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Goal 1.1: Develop, deliver, and continually improve upon academically and experientially rigorous programs of study that are innovative, current, and relevant. 


1.1.1 Drive connection and collaboration aligned with business, industry, and community needs to inform content, stay current on trends, and drive a continuous flow of relevant pedagogy.

1.1.2 Develop and maintain a culture that supports formalized continuous academic program review and improvement processes. 

1.1.3 Invest meaningful resources in opportunities for student reflective learning and soft skill development in order to prepare them for success in their chosen careers.


Goal 1.2: Broaden opportunities and remove barriers to student success through access, retention and engagement.


1.2.1 Align full-time, first-year Jabs undergraduate student retention rates with MSU retention rates. 

1.2.2 Meaningfully increase the enrollment of Montana students and students from underrepresented groups (e.g., tribal nations, people of color, women).

1.2.3 Create and continually support new and existing opportunities for students to engage with alumni, faculty, peers, and the business community.



Engage in impactful and meaningful research and creative activity that advances our respective fields of study, informs our teaching, and brings value to our community.


GOAL 2.1: Enhance the significance and impact of scholarship in order to contribute to a body of knowledge and discovery that benefits communities, industries, and organizations.


2.1.1 Meaningfully expand the regional, national, and global reach of our scholarship through increased dissemination of our academic works in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, presentations to the public, and other high-quality and impactful outlets.

2.1.2 Develop and continuously evaluate how we define and measure quality scholarship and journal quality.


GOAL 2.2: Cultivate a culture of scholarship within Jabs where inquiry and creative activity are valued and rewarded.


2.2.1 Invest meaningful resources into faculty scholarship initiatives.

2.2.2 Promote student access to scholarly research activities through student-faculty collaborations.

2.2.3 Establish and sustain a forum for the regular dissemination of business and entrepreneurial research activity and advances.  

2.2.4 Identify and continuously support external research funding opportunities that produce quality research activities.



Advance the well-being of Montana and Montanans through engagement, partnerships and relationships that build economic, environmental, and social strength and stability.


Goal 3.1 Proactively engage with the university and community to promote a culture of diversity, collegiality, and growth.


3.1.1 Increase interactions with, engagement, and awareness of underserved and underrepresented groups (e.g., tribal nations, people of color, women).
3.1.2 Provide ongoing support to sustain an active Jabs Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.

3.1.3 Establish requirements for faculty, staff, and administrators to participate in trainings expanding awareness of, and actions for, inclusive policies, pedagogies, and culture, both through Jabs and MSU programs, and through support for external trainings.

3.1.4 Support and sponsor outreach and engagement opportunities for underserved and underrepresented stakeholders in Montana. 

3.1.5 Recognize, reward, and promote successful engagement activities with underserved and underrepresented groups.


Goal 3.2 Foster an environment of continuous professional development and engagement with professional services and organizations.


3.2.1 Invest meaningful resources in faculty and staff professional development opportunities that support the mission and vision of the College while allowing for individual professional growth.

3.2.2 Introduce a Jabs workshop series to highlight and disseminate expertise and new skill development.

3.2.3 Develop a system for sharing and disseminating materials and resources generated from faculty professional development activities.


Goal 3.3 Expand mutually beneficial partnerships with Montana-based entities.


3.3.1 Identify and leverage mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships between organizations and industries of strategic value to Jabs and MSU.

3.3.2 Support and sponsor events that build economic, environmental, and social strength and stability.



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