An option in Finance provides graduates with the skills necessary to pursue a variety of careers in business, insurance, investments, corporate finance and real estate.

Finance courses offered at MSU:

  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Financial Markets & Institutions
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Introduction to Applied Investing
  • Investments
  • Real Estate and Investment Analysis

Finance Minor: Enrollment in the finance minor is open to business and non-business students. Program objectives include:

  1. To provide the tools for financial decision making, including time value of money techniques, asset valuation, and capital budgeting analysis.
  2. To develop in students an analytical perspective in problem solving.
  3. To provide flexibility to design one’s own program through choice of electives.

To see the MSU Undergraduate Catalog listing of Finance curriculum go to

Community Banking Program: Internship opportunities, curriculum oriented towards community banking, and scholarships.

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