The mission of the new Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to understand where we are as a college with issues of Diversity & Inclusion and create goals and objectives that align with Montana State University’s Diversity & Inclusion framework. The committee hopes to bring trainings and workshops to the students, staff, and faculty and support/shed light on amazing efforts that are already occurring within our college.

As our webpage on Diversity & Inclusion gets built, we invite you to send any questions you might have to Myleen Leary, Academic Diversity Partner for the college: [email protected]




General DEI in Business Resources


BizEd - Call to Action: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Business Schools (video)

BizEd - Driven by Difference (attendees at AACSB's Diversity & Inclusion Summit identify the obstacles they've faced - and the successes they've achieved - in creating more diverse and inclusive campus communities)

BizEd - Gender Diversifying the Business Curriculum (Why teaching more gender-diverse cases is so important - and how every business school can achieve that goal)

HBR - How Business Schools Can Help Corporate America Fight Racism

HBS - How Writing and Teaching a Difficult, Emotionally Charged Case Made Me a Better Educator

BizEd - The inclusive Curriculum (Small changes to classroom materials can have big impacts in making students from underrepresented backgrounds feel included)

BizEd - Learning Other Cultures (Cultural intelligence is an essential skill for graduates who take international jobs or work on diverse teams)

BizEd - Moving Past the Moment (Can education leaders bring about real and lasting change in response to the current state of civil unrest?)

BizEd - Overcoming Top Diversity and Inclusion Obstacles in Business

Faculty Focus: Using Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Promote Greater Success Among Minority Students


Examples from other universities:
BizEd - Aiming for Greater Diversity (The Stanford Graduate School of Business)

BizEd - Creating a Sense of Belonging (The Villanoa School of Business puts diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at the heart of its future plans)

BizEd - Creating the All-Inclusive Campus (At Central Michigan University, everyone is part of - and responsible for - carrying out strategic initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion)

BizEd - Committing to Diversity (At Coventry University in the UK, school leaders constantly monitor the school's progress on attracting and welcoming staff and students from all backgrounds)

thebalancecareers: Gender Neutral Interview Attire and Business Clothing

BizEd: Companies Seek Diverse Employees

BizEd: Diversity and Disability

BizEd: The Economic Impacts of Incusion

Deloitte: Diversity and Inclusion

Forbes - 11 Books to read if you want to be a more inclusive leader

HBS: Gender-Diverse Companies Thrive Only Where Diversity is Embraced

HBS: An Institutional Approach to Gender Diversity and Firm Performance

SHRM - 6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace (To get workplace diversity and inclusion right, you need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard)

SHRM - Job Seekers' Perceptions About Inclusivity Matter (​Nearly 4 in 10 respondents said they have turned down or decided not to pursue a job because of a perceived lack of inclusion at an organization)

SHRM - Top 6 Diversity & Inclusion Articles of 2019

Fuel50 featuring Stacey Gordon, CEO and Chief Diversity Strategist, Rework Work:


Participate & Learn: Upcoming Events


Important University Documents:

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