The mission of the new Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to understand where we are as a college with issues of Diversity & Inclusion and create goals and objectives that align with Montana State University’s Diversity & Inclusion framework. The committee hopes to bring trainings and workshops to the students, staff, and faculty and support/shed light on amazing efforts that are already occurring within our college.

As our webpage on Diversity & Inclusion gets built, we invite you to send any questions you might have to Liz Greenfield, Academic Diversity Partner for the college: [email protected]




General DEI in Business Resources


BizEd - Call to Action: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Business Schools

BizEd - Driven by Difference (attendees at AACSB's Diversity & Inclusion Summit identify the obstacles they've faced - and the successes they've achieved - in creating more diverse and inclusive campus communities)

BizEd - Gender Diversifying the Business Curriculum (Why teaching more gender-diverse cases is so important - and how every business school can achieve that goal)

HBR - How Business Schools Can Help Corporate America Fight Racism

HBS - How Writing and Teaching a Difficult, Emotionally Charged Case Made Me a Better Educator

BizEd - The inclusive Curriculum (Small changes to classroom materials can have big impacts in making students from underrepresented backgrounds feel included)

BizEd - Learning Other Cultures (Cultural intelligence is an essential skill for graduates who take international jobs or work on diverse teams)

BizEd - Moving Past the Moment (Can education leaders bring about real and lasting change in response to the current state of civil unrest?)

BizEd - Overcoming Top Diversity and Inclusion Obstacles in Business

Faculty Focus: Using Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Promote Greater Success Among Minority Students


Examples from other universities:
BizEd - Aiming for Greater Diversity (The Stanford Graduate School of Business)

BizEd - Creating a Sense of Belonging (The Villanoa School of Business puts diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at the heart of its future plans)

BizEd - Creating the All-Inclusive Campus (At Central Michigan University, everyone is part of - and responsible for - carrying out strategic initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion)

BizEd - Committing to Diversity (At Coventry University in the UK, school leaders constantly monitor the school's progress on attracting and welcoming staff and students from all backgrounds)

thebalancecareers: Gender Neutral Interview Attire and Business Clothing

BizEd: Companies Seek Diverse Employees

BizEd: Diversity and Disability

BizEd: The Economic Impacts of Incusion

Deloitte: Diversity and Inclusion

Forbes - 11 Books to read if you want to be a more inclusive leader

HBS: Gender-Diverse Companies Thrive Only Where Diversity is Embraced

HBS: An Institutional Approach to Gender Diversity and Firm Performance

SHRM - 6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace (To get workplace diversity and inclusion right, you need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard)

SHRM - Job Seekers' Perceptions About Inclusivity Matter (​Nearly 4 in 10 respondents said they have turned down or decided not to pursue a job because of a perceived lack of inclusion at an organization)

SHRM - Top 6 Diversity & Inclusion Articles of 2019

Fuel50 featuring Stacey Gordon, CEO and Chief Diversity Strategist, Rework Work:

Harvard ManageMentor: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diverse teams are a competitive advantage. Students learn why through the self-paced learning module from Harvard ManageMentor®: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Perfect for asynchronous learning, this newly rewritten module illustrates what workplace diversity is and why it matters. This learning module is currently discounted at $10.00.

Click here to learn more or register.

Students will learn about:

  • Countering bias
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Becoming a diversity advocate
  • Advancing an organization's diversity efforts


Participate & Learn: Upcoming Events

Additional Events & Trainings

Mariah Gladstone (Blackfeet), of Indigikitchen will be the keynote speaker. Mariah has been featured on The Today Show and has a TED Talk. (TED Talk)

Featured artists

Ben Pease (Crow), who will be featured at the Museum of The Rockies this summer

Bill Mendoza (Oglala Sioux),

Sammy Bird (Blackfeet),

Norma Flying Horse (Hidatsa), Red Berry Women, will be the second keynote speaker of the evening. Norma was just named the 2022 Phoenix Fashion Designer of the Year!

Brocade Black Eagle (Crow),

Ron Brownotter, from the Standing Rock Reservation owns the largest native-owned buffalo ranch in the United States. He has been featured in Bon Appetit magazine, and in other published articles. Ron will have a private buffalo hunt up for auction!

The food will be catered by Abby & Tom Hinthorne of, Abby's Catering Company. Abby has a very unique background and story too!


Sustained Dialogues (SD)

The goals of SD are to 1) Build Relationships and 2) Take Action Together. Dialogue is a process of genuine interaction through which human beings listen deeply to one another. In SD, people with varied viewpoints converse in order to seek mutual understanding. SD examines how different aspects of our identities (ex. race, ethnicity, citizenship, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, age, religion) impact our lived experiences within a shared community. SD seeks to empower participants to address the root causes of identity-related conflicts by creating spaces in which participants develop a deeper understanding of their peers, share their own experiences, and learn how to create positive social change.

Interested in participating? Come join our fall dialogue group!

The topic will be either 1) Mental health during a pandemic or 2) Anti-trans legislation in Montana. Commit to a semester long conversation with a diverse group of people. Meet weekly for ten 90 minute dialogue sessions this fall semester. Contact us for more information:

Instagram: @msu.sustained.dialogue

Facebook: @msusd

Email: [email protected]


Become a Sustained Dialogue Moderator

Open to faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate & graduate). This is a chance to

  • Gain conflict resolution skills
  • Develop interpersonal professional, and leadership skills
  • Authentically communicate across differences
  • Build relationships across diversebackgrounds and Identities
  • Actively listen to others’ lived experiences

The moderator training application and other information can be found at

Click here for the SD moderator training informational flyer.

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