Top Tips for Getting Started with Diversity and Inclusion work as an Educator in Jabs:

  1. Start Reading! A couple good starter books are listed below:
  2. Start Watching and Listening! A couple good starter films and podcasts are listed below:
  3. Attend a workshop or training (see “Educate Yourself at MSU” below)
  4. Check out these great resources for MSU faculty.
  5. Set up a meeting with the Jabs Academic Diversity Partner, Myleen Leary, to discuss how you can be involved. ([email protected])


EDUCATE Yourself at MSU!

There are a multitude of resources, trainings, and other ways to learn more about how diversity and inclusion play a role at MSU, and how to integrate this important work into your teaching, service, and work with students and other faculty and staff.

Additional Helpful Resources for Faculty