The Jabs Young Alumni Board (YAB) exists to realize the full potential of the MSU Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (Jabs) community by strengthening connections between young alumni, current Jabs students, and the wider Jabs community.

Our founding mission for this board is twofold:

  1. Be a conduit for connection between young Jabs alumni and current undergraduate
  2. Create forums for young Jabs alumni to meet, interact, and build relationships.
    • We endeavor to engage with a meaningful number of the 1,500+ current
      Jabs undergraduate students and 11,000+ Jabs alumni.

Founding Board Members

Learn more about the current YAB members.


Upcoming Events

TBA. Stay tuned...

Board Structure

Executive team positions, Vice Presidents, and working group chairs will be selected from the board’s general membership.

Working Groups

  • Three initial working groups.
  • Each group will consist of a Chair and several general members.
  • Terms will be one year in length.

Board Member Expectations

Expectations for general members are as follows:

  1. A zealous pursuit of the board’s objectives, guided by its mission.
  2. Hold two office hours per month. Undergraduate students and alumni will be able to
    book time with you in 20-minute intervals during these office hours.
  3. Membership on at least one board working group.
  4. Attendance at two board or college events per year.
  5. Attendance at 3 of each year’s 4 board meetings.
  6. Refer two or more Jabs alumni to serve on the board each year.



Garrett Leach '18, [email protected]
Peter Pfankuch '20, [email protected]

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