In addition to traditional on-campus interviewing, there are multiple opportunities to build your employer brand and promote current openings at Jabs. Contact the Bracken Center team to discuss these engagement and branding strategies at [email protected]


Networking Events

These are intended for students to meet your team and speak informally about your company or open roles in a larger, more social format, such as bowling get-togethers, lunches, and mixer-style events. Note, we do not check-in attendees for Networking Events, so you’ll want to be sure to collect contact details at the event for post-event attendance reference.


Connect with students on-campus during the lunch hours (12:00 – 2:00 p.m.) or in the evening hours (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.) to present information about upcoming opportunities and a “day in the life” at your organization. 

Meet ‘n Greets

Informal, drop-in style appointments. Students can stop by to chat with your team during a certain window of time. You are welcome to meet with several students at a time.

Office Hours

Students are able to schedule one-on-one informational interviews with an employer to learn about “a day in the life” at the organization and any upcoming internship and/or full-time opportunities. Office Hours are customizable based on employer needs and availability. We offer space in our Bracken Center, or can assist you in holding office hours virtually. Email [email protected] for step-by-step instructions for this process. 

Tabling Events

Information tables for the purpose of advertising employment opportunities or collecting resumes are not available here at Jabs. However, off campus groups can rent certain areas inside the SUB for informational/promotional purposes. Please visit this website to reserve

Host a Company Visit 

Each year Jabs coordinates company visits for students which provide an opportunity to learn about industry and connect with professionals. If you are interested in hosting a visit, please email [email protected]to inquire.  

Meet the Business & Accounting Recruiter Fairs

Attend our annual recruiting event, held annually each October and February. Develop your campus brand while connecting with top MSU students and alumni preparing for business internships and full-time opportunities.  Learn more about the Meet the Recruiters Fairs.

Not sure you’re on the list? Please email [email protected] to be added.

Contribute to Student Development

Every semester the Bracken Center produces targeted programming for professional career development, such as Employer Mock Interviews, Employer Resume Reviews, Industry Focus Nights, Panels, and Workshops.

Interested in getting involved? Email [email protected] 

Posters & Flyers

The Bracken Center and the Office of Student Sucess both have in-house boards available for job and company postings. Please contact [email protected]to learn about posting policies and to submit materials.

Should my organization host an Event?

Events at Jabs provide a great opportunity to share information about your organization while networking with MSU students and recent alumni. However, events are not necessarily the best recruiting option for everyone. We have found that events are most successful when employers have a recognizable brand, are consistently on-campus, and/or are actively recruiting through Handshake.

What if my company doesn’t fall into these categories?

If these categories do not describe your organization, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful events at Jabs. However, it will require additional work from your recruiting team to generate student interest in the positions. Visibility and promotion is key!

Still not sure if an event is right for you?

Our Bracken Center team is always happy to discuss strategies for increasing visibility on campus. Contact the Bracken Center at brackencenter@montana,edu to learn more about your options to engage at Jabs.

Timing Is Everything

The best time to host an event is during the Fall or Spring Semester in which you plan to recruit, often, 1-2 weeks before your resume deadline (1-2 days prior to interviews if you prefer to use the event as a pre-interview preparation).

Of course, you do not have to be interviewing to host an event — most students appreciate networking and learning about your organization while you build your brand and visibility on campus.

Know Your Audience

The Bracken Center can assist you with recruiting both Undergraduates and Specialized Master’s students. Be sure to let the Director know which populations you are looking to recruit (including target class level).

Undergraduate Options: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing.

Specialized Master’s Programs: Master of Professional Accounting & Master of Science in Innovation Management (new as of 2021!)

Customize Your Event Description

You will be prompted by the Bracken Center to submit a unique event description. Best practices here include being clear about your target audience (Which school years and majors would you like to see attend this event?) and even inserting a link to any current opportunities your company has out there. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your company’s culture — consider keeping it on the lighter side!

Food and Refreshments

Food/refreshments are encouraged and can be ordered and delivered from MSU Catering. 


The Bracken Center helps to promote your event! We will work with you to publicize your event online through our interactive calendar, social media platforms, and as part of a weekly e-newsletter communication to Jabs students. We also recommend reaching out to relevant Registered Student Organizations for their support in sharing your event with their members.

Prepare Your Team

Ensure that all members of your team are forwarded a copy of your event confirmation note, including date, time, directions, and transportation information to your designated venue.

Parking & Traffic

On-campus parking can be unpredictable, particularly if you are arriving to campus after 8:30am. We highly encourage employers to carpool.

Connecting with Students Directly via Handshake

Employers have the ability to search through (public) profiles/resumes and message students directly within Handshake! Learn more here:
How to Download Public Resumes
About Using Search Students Feature
How to Send a Job or Event Campaign
How to Send a Student a Message

Registered Student Organizations (Student Clubs)

The Bracken Center works closely with the many student-run business clubs that sponsor panel discussions and other activities. These events provide a perfect venue for you to interact directly with our students. Click here to check out what’s happening within Jabs-specific undergraduate clubs.

Inside the Classroom

Jabs partners with Bozeman’s thriving and innovative business community to develop forward-looking, customized cases centered on a current strategic issue. We have several courses that work with companies to create inovative projects. Interested? Click here to  connect with the college

AMA M-Trail 

Connect with smart, ambitious AMA students to help you meet your business goals. Click here to learn more about utilizing this service.

Young Alumni Board

The Jabs Young Alumni Board exists to realize the full potential of the MSU Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (Jabs) community by strengthening connections between young alumni, current Jabs students, and the wider Jabs community. Click here to learn more about the Board.

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Meet the Bracken Center Team

Have questions on events, interviews, or anything related to Undergraduate and Specialized Master’s students? We’re here to help.

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Mariah Stopplecamp
Director of the Bracken Center
[email protected]| 406-994-1995

Mariah serves as the initial contact for employers who are interested in recruiting at Jabs. Contact Mariah for support with developing your undergraduate or specialized master’s recruitment strategy.