updated 3/2023

College Committees






Current Members (Chair in Bold)

Curriculum Committee


1 TT faculty elected by each option (total 4) (2-year terms; initial terms staggered)

1 NTT faculty member elected by NTTs (2-year term)

Associate Dean, chair ex officio

Assistant Dean, ex officio

Director, OSS, ex officio


Eric Van Steenburg, BMKT

Tia Brown, ex officio

Bill Brown, BMGT

Angela Woodland, ACTG


Molly Taylor, NTT

Brenda Truman, ex officio

Data Analytics Task Force


Andreas Thorsen

Kregg Aytes

Agnieszka Kwapisz

Omar Shehryar

Christine Sung

Graduate Student Appeals Board

MPAc Director

Marc Giullian

Jabs Club/Org Advisors


Accounting/Beta Alpha Psi: TBA

American Indigenous Business Leaders: Laura Black, Virginia Bratton

American Marketing Association: Eric Van Steenburg

Finance: Gary Caton

Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM): Mark Hom

Jabs Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee


Myleen Leary

Virginia Bratton

Audrey Capp

Hans Dierenfeldt

Sean Harris

Brooke Lahneman

Amber Raile

Christine Sung

Molly Taylor

Andreas Thorsen

Bill Tudor

NTT Faculty Representative

Elected by NTT faculty (2-year term)

Molly Taylor

Retention, Promotion & Tenure Committee





5 tenured faculty members, at least 3 of full professor rank

3 elected by TT faculty (3-year terms)

2 appointed by Dean (1-year terms)


Laura Black

Bill Brown

Myleen Leary

Omar Shehryar


Scholarship Committee


Tia Brown, ex officio

Sean Harris

Myleen Leary

Elizabeth Schmidt, ex officio

Christine Sung



MSU Committees



Current Representative

Admission Committee on Enrollment (ACE)



All Staff Council


Tia Brown

Assessment & Outcomes Committee


Dr. Brian Gillespie

Assistant Deans' Council


Tia Brown, Brenda Truman

Benefits Committee


Dr. Frank Kerins

Budget Council


Tia Brown

Classroom Committee


Tia Brown

Core Curriculum Committee


Dr. Christine Sung

Curriculum Programs Committee


Dr. Bill Brown

Diversity Council


Dr. Myleen Leary

Faculty Affairs


Dr. Amber Raile

Faculty Senate

Elected by faculty

Dr. Gary Caton

Learning Management System (LMS)


Dr. Christine Sung

MSU Graduate Council


Dr. Marc Giullian

MSU Grievance Committee

Elected by TT faculty


MSU Online Advisory Committee


Dr. Virginia Bratton

MSU Research Council


Dr. Andreas Thorsen

MSU Retention, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT)

  Dr. Kregg Aytes, through June 2023
*Dr. Virginia Bratton, alternate

MSU Teaching Excellence Action Committee (TEACh)

  Dr. Brent Rosso

MSU University Planning Council

  Dr. Brian Gillespie