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Hello, Bobcat parent and family members of first-year students,

Just as soon as I say it's the been the best autumn in recent memory, it dumps a foot of snow and the power goes out -- October has been a bit of an adventure! Things are back to normal now and the near-term forecast is looking more familiar.

With the combination of stormy weather, homework, mid-semester exams, projects, and quizzes, it's no wonder you might not have heard from your student in a while. If you haven't, now is a good time to check in with your student asking questions like:

  • Do you have some new friends? Are you sleeping well? Are you getting exercise?
  • How are you getting involved at MSU?
  • Are your classes what you expected as a business major? How do they align with your interests?
  • Which classes do you love? Which ones not so much? What do you enjoy about your favorite classes? Which classes play to your strengths and which are more challenging? What makes those courses more challenging? How are you preparing for those more difficult courses?
  • Which campus resources (e.g., tutoring, professor office hours, etc.) are you using?
  • Have you thought about classes for next semester yet? I heard registration for spring classes is open -- have you met with your advisor yet?

In my professional (and personal) life, I'm often surprised by the power of a good sounding board. When we are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, sometimes we just need someone to listen and ask good questions.

Problems can be overwhelming when you try to solve them alone, which leads some students to drop out, but MSU has a resource for nearly all circumstances. The key is matching the problem to the resource and getting the student through the door. If conversation with your student leads to questions about how MSU can support them, please send them my way.

Next month, I'll offer a look forward to Spring 2022 classes and share my guidance on coaching your student through the end of their first semester of college



Brenda Truman
Assistant Dean of Student Services & Retention


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