Dr. Greg Durham joined the College of Business faculty this fall as a professor of finance, after working at Arizona State University for the past eight years. A native Montanan, Durham received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Montana State University-Bozeman. He completed his Master's degree at the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. degree at Arizona State University.

Dr. Durham received numerous awards while he was at ASU, including the College of Business Outstanding Graduate Assistant, College of Business Outstanding Teacher of the Year, and ASU Faculty Fellow. He brings his enthusiastic style of teaching to the classroom at MSU.

His research interests are in the areas of behavioral finance and sports wagering markets. Dr. Durham and his co-authors have submitted a revised research paper to the Journal of Finance and are eagerly awaiting the result.

Dr. Durham is very excited to be back in his hometown and, when not teaching or researching, he enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time at local coffee shops.