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Thank you for your commitment to use, lead, and share the PLT environmental education program with others. You are the keys to PLT impacting children's education statewide. Should you need assistance, please contact the PLT Montana Coordinator [email protected] 

Facilitator description (pdf)

Facilitator application (pdf)(docx)

Facilitator Handbook(docx)

Facilitator Training Toolkit (docx)

PLT Forest Classrooms Helping Raise Responsible Children

PLT: Resources to Engage Students in Learning

Facilitating a Workshop

Use our Timeline and Checklist (pdf)  (docx) to help plan your workshop efficiently:

1.  Submit your Workshop Proposal (pdf)  (docx) to PLT-MT ([email protected]) as early as possible. 

     This includes iformation such as:

  • The date, location, and timeframe of the workshop
  • Co-faciliator and others helping with the workshop
  • PLT materials needed for the workshop

2.  Submit any flyers/promitional materials and your tentative/draft workshop agenda to PLT-MT Coordinator.

    Check our Planning Your Workshop resources below to help design flyers and fomulate an agenda.

3.  At the Workshop

4.  After the Workshop

Always contact PLT-MT staff if you have any questions:  406-243-4706 or [email protected] 

Planning Your Workshop 



Walk in the Forest

Walk in the Forest: a guide for promoting forests & forest management (pdf) (This is a good handbook for planning prior to taking groups into the forest)

Walk in the Forest-Kalispell agenda (pdf)


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