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Local Scholarships

Annin Youth Fund Scholarship 

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

  1. Be a graduating senior residing in Stillwater County
  2. Be enrolled in a 4-H or FAA program this year
  3. Be obtaining some type of training beyond high school ( trade school, college, ect.)

To apply download this Annin Scholarship Application

Stillwater County Homemaker's Scholarship- Up to $1,000 ($333 awarded the sophmore, junior and senior years in college) 

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

          1 The applicant is to be a high school senior or college freshman.

          2. The applicant must have had three years of 4-H, FFA and/or FCCLA membership (any 3 yrs).

          3. Recipient must plan to enroll in be presently attending:

              In-state school working toward a Bachelor of Art or Science degree.


            In-state school working toward a program which is 2 or more years in length.


Northwest College, located in Powell, Wyoming, working toward a program which is 2 or more years in length.

          4. Recipient will send a copy of his/her spring grade transcript and classes of study to the Stillwater County Extension Office prior to the issuance of the scholarship check each fall.  The Extension Agent, Council President and Treasurer will review a transcript to ascertain that the recipient is continuing toward a degree.

          5. Awardees must take at least 12 credits per semester and maintain no less than a C+ average or its equivalent.  Technical school hours are at the discretion of the board.

         6. Should the above criteria not be followed, scholarship recipient will forfeit the unused portion(s) of the scholarship.


To apply download this Stillwater County Homemakers Scholarship Application


State & National Scholarships

The Montana 4-H Foundation Scholarship link is now open.

Scholarship Information

The Montana 4-H Foundation offers a number of collegiate scholarships to students (listed below). When filling out the application, you will select which scholarships you would like to apply for. All scholarships require certain criteria to be met, in order to be awarded. We ask that you only apply for only the scholarships you qualify for. Please review the scholarship eligibility and distribution of fund requirements by clicking on each scholarship name. Awarding of a scholarship is based on availability of funds.

The Montana 4-H scholarship winners will be recognized at Montana 4-H Congress on the MSU campus in July.  As a condition of receiving the scholarship, each recipient or their appointee must agree to attend Montana 4-H Congress closing banquet to be recognized.

How to Apply

Each person needs to only complete one application to apply for multiple Montana 4-H scholarships, with the exception of AMTOPP. The AMPTOPP Scholarship has a separate application, if interested please click on AMTOPP below for more information.

Below are links to the scholarship application. Please follow the directions on the application to apply. If you have questions, please contact the Montana 4-H Foundation by e-mail [email protected] or call 406-994-5911. Scholarship applications must be received (or postmarked) by April 1st.



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