Active Parenting 

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MSU Extension is now offering a virtual active parenting courses over zoom. Classes are limited to 10 people. 

MSU Extension agents across Montana will be teaching Active Parenting for the Active Parenting the First Five Years, Active Parenting 4th Edition for Youth 5-12 years old and Active Parenting for Teens.  Classes are offered virtually.  See course details below and visit the Active Parenting website.

Course Information

Course instructors: MSU Extension Agents Carrie Krug and Jackie Rumph.  Also MSU Food & Family Specialist Dr. Brianna Routh

Register at the link:
Active Parenting Enrollment  or by calling Lori Mayr at 406-994-6969.


Let's Talk About Discipline

Parenting can be hard, we can all use new ideas or strategies along this journey. Montana State Extension and University of Minnesota Extension have partnered together to develop brief videos with strategies for parenting and caregivers for all ages based on the current parenting research.

Let's Talk About Discipline

Creating a Safe Space for Exploration


Modeling Tricky Situations