If you have tested your water quality and identified a need for treatment, there is guidance below on treatment options. The Montana Well Educated Program provides private well owner education about water quality as it relates to health, and quality of life, they are a great resource for information on well and septic care and maintenance. 

Several Resources for Flood Recovery

The following links include resources for after a flood, cleaning your home, rebuilding, and health and safety hazards.

Click here for a Printable 275 Form or 310 Form  for work in  streams, wetlands, floodplains or other water bodies. 

Conservation District Contacts

Folks wanting to do work in or on stream banks (rip rap) would go to the Stillwater CD. [email protected] (406)-962-3641 ext. 105


Agriculture land & Irrigation infrastructure (ditches/canals) issues would go to the NRCS

Columbus Field Office (serves Stillwater Conservation District)

334 N. 9th Street

Columbus, MT 59019

Telephone: 406-322-5359

FAX: 855-510-7025

[email protected]


Irrigation loss (gated pipe, head gates) crop loss, silt deposits, livestock loss, and debris removal Stillwater County FSA Office (EWG Money application)

Dane Schneidt

County Executive Director

(406) 322-5348 ext 2

(855) 546-0421 fax

[email protected]


Know that it will be a lengthy process and as much documentation as you can provide will be helpful.

Flood recovery stepsstart a claim

Click here for downloadable step-by-step instructions for Flood Insurance Claims.  





Stillwater MSU Extension
17 N 4th St 

PO BOX 807

Columbus, MT 59019

Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent
Lee Schmelzer
[email protected]

Phone: 406-322-8035

Family and Consumer Science Agent

Haley Barker
[email protected]

Phone: 406-322-8058 



Stillwater County Sanitation
431 Quarry Rd ( West Annex)

PO BOX 1287 Columbus, MT 59019

Shannon Fisher
[email protected]

Phone: 406-322-8058 

Stillwater MSU Extension

Stillwater County
17 N. 4th Street
P.O. Box 807
Columbus, MT 59019

Tel: (406) 322-8035

[email protected]

Agents & Staff:

Ryan Noack
Extension Agent
[email protected]

 Haley Barker Picture

Haley Barker
Family Consumer Science &
[email protected]


4-H clover

4-H Assistant &

MSU Administrative Assistant
[email protected]