Eligibility for financial aid is based on a prior tax year, which may not be indicative of a family’s continuing ability to pay for their student’s educational expenses. If the income information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) does not adequately reflect the current financial situation, the Office of Financial Aid Services at Montana State University may be able to make adjustments that would result in a change to a student’s aid eligibility.  If you feel that your financial situation meets the criteria below, please contact the Office of Financial Aid Services for additional information and to request a Special Conditions Appeal form.

Some examples of situations that affect a financial situation are:


  • Loss of job or changes to employment, retirement of parent / spouse 
  • Reduction of income
  • Cessation of benefits
  • Large out of pocket medical expenses
  • Separation or divorce
  • Death of parent/spouse


Not every circumstance is reviewable:


  • Consumer debt, credit card or other personal debt
  • Standard living expenses, mortgage payments, vacation expenses, car payments
  • Graduate or Doctoral Students
  • Students/Families with an EFC already equaling zero


Note: We cannot negotiate financial aid offers or match another school’s offer.


If your financial circumstances have changed and you would like to review your situation, please contact The Office of Financial Aid Services and we can visit with you on the process and requirements.