Important: Please note that federal financial aid regulations require that the financial aid awards you receive cannot exceed the cost of attendance.  It is possible, therefore, that outside scholarships could result in changes to your current award package. It is critical to report additional resources as soon as you become aware of them. 

Instructions: Please list any outside scholarships, tuition waivers, vocational rehabiliation benefits, third party billing resources, etc. (Do not list any aid awarded by MSU that is shown on your Financial Aid Award). Scholarships over $499 are  split between the two semesters unless otherwise requested by Donor in writing. Report outside resources early so you don’t find yourself in a situation of having to repay funds.  If you have additional awards to report, please submit another form.

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Student Statement: By hitting submit I am affirming the accuracy and completeness to the best of my knowledge. I understand the importance of reporting outside resources. I understand that I am required to notify the Office of Financial Aid Services, in writing, if I receive additional awards not listed here.