Board of Regents Policy

Employees of the Montana University System will be eligible for a partial tuition waiver benefit for their dependents.

Employee / Dependent Eligibility:

Employees must be employed at least 3/4 time for 120 calendar days (e.g., four months) before being eligible for a dependent tuition waiver benefit. Eligibility begins at the start of the first full academic semester or summer session that follows the 120-day waiting period.  Up to two dependents may utilize the dependent tuition waiver simultaneously in an academic term. Employees who utilize the faculty and staff tuition waiver are eligible for a single (one) dependent tuition waiver during the same academic term. Employees must be employed at least 3/4 timeduring the entire academic term (e.g., semester or summer session) in which a dependent utilizes the waiver in order to receive the benefit of the waiver. A dependent includes the employee’s spouse or adult dependent, as defined in the MUS Employee Benefits Plan, and financially dependent children as defined by the Internal Revenue Code who are unmarried and under age 25. This benefit shall apply to employees included in a bargaining unit only after it has been incorporated in a ratified collective bargaining agreement.

Dependent Tuition Waiver Benefit:

The tuition waiver benefit for dependents shall be for 50% of the residential tuition. In no case may registration, course fees or any other mandatory or miscellaneous fees be waived. Dependents may utilize the tuition waiver benefit to take courses at a college of technology or in any other two-year or certificate programs and to obtain a first baccalaureate degree at any unit of the university system. Dependents may not use the tuition waiver benefit to attend law school or obtain a graduate degree. The tuition waiver does not apply to non-credit, continuing education or other self-supporting courses.

Instructions for Completing the Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver (DPTW)

Log into My Info

Click on Enter Secure Area

Log in using your NetId and password

Click on Employee Services

Click on Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver

Click on Create New Application

Read the DPTW and Eligibility information then click on Create New Application to submit a new application. Note that a separate application must be submitted for each semester of attendance. On this page you can also click View Sent Applications to view a previously submitted application.

If you selected Create New Application you will be taken to the Deadlines page – click on Apply for the DPTW.

Complete the application – Please note that all fields are required and some fields have been prefilled for you.

When you have completed the application click the SUBMIT button

When the certification is complete you will see the Pending / Previous Applications page with a note that; “You have successfully certified the application. A confirmation message has been sent to your preferred email address.”

You will receive an email notification that your application has been submitted.

Application should not be submitted any sooner than 45 days prior to the start of the semester in which it is to be used.

If the application for the DPTW is approved your dependent will receive an email notification regarding the necessary steps to complete the application process.

If the application is not approved you will receive an email notification stating the reason why.

** Please note the on-line application is for MSU-Bozeman employees with students attending MSU-Bozeman.**

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)