At Montana  State University, we encourage  students and families to make informed decisions about financial aid. We highly recommend  that you borrow only the amount of loans you need to successfully complete your education. It is also highly recommended that you submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at  prior to borrowing from a private lending institution.

 By signing this form, you are stating that you:

  •  Understand the terms of the Federal Direct Loans and/or the Federal Direct PLUS Loans located here, but are electing to choose a private loan in place of any of the Federal Direct Loans or Federal Direct PLUS Loans you were offered and rejected, OR understand the terms of the Federal Direct Loans and/or Federal Direct PLUS Loans, but are choosing to not submit a FAFSA.
  •  Understand that Montana State University certifies alternative loans up to the Cost of Attendance only, regardless of the amount the lender has approved. Per federal regulations, your total financial aid, including your private/alternative loan, may not exceed your Cost of Attendance.
  • Understand that there is an appeal process if you are ineligible for aid due to a violation of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. 
  • Understand that private/alternative loans may have different terms, including interest and deferment, than the Direct Federal Loans  and it is your responsibility to understand the terms of your loan. MSU cannot recommend  private loan lenders. Federal Loans have better terms in most cases.

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Student Statement: By hitting submit I am affirming that I understand my financial aid options and wish to proceed with an private/alternative loan. My signature indicates that I have read and agree with the above statements.

* Please print or save for your records.

* Please allow at least 24 hours for submissions to be processed.  Please only submit once.