Students are considered for financial aid up to a specified number of cumulative attempted credits. Transfer credits are included with MSU credits in determining if a student has exceeded the applicable maximum credit hour limit.


Undergraduate Maximum Credit Hour Limits*

First Undergraduate Degree

180 cumulative undergraduate credits

Subsequent Undergraduate Degrees

240 cumulative undergraduate credits

*Measurement is based on cumulative undergraduate credits attempted. All undergraduate courses including minors, dual majors, and prior degrees must be completed within the applicable limit to avoid a violation.


Graduate Maximum Credit Hour Limits*

Non-degree Graduate Certification 60 cumulative graduate credits
Masters Degree 60 cumulative graduate credits
Doctoral Degree 120 cumulative graduate credits
*Measurement is based on cumulative graduate credits attempted. Masters degree credits are included in the doctoral student limit.

Gallatin College Programs Credit Hour Limits

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 100 cumulative AAS credits
Associate of Arts (AA) 90 cumulative AA credits
Associate of Science (AS) 90 cumulative AS credits
Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) 45 cumulative CAS credits


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