In order to succeed academically at MSU, students must have strong English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. English proficiency for study at the undergraduate level must be demonstrated by one of the following:

1) Obtaining a minimum required score on an English Proficiency examination:

English Proficiency Examination
Minimum Required Score


SAT - Writing/Language Score
SAT - Evidence-based Reading/Writing
ACT - English score

 *Please click the links listed above for instructions on submitting scores.

** We have revised our Duolingo requirement from 75 to 110 for Duolingo's new scoring of 160 from 100. Starting April 1, 2020, applicants will need to meet the minimum score of 110. 

MSU International Undergraduate Admissions will be accepting the online options from TOEFL and IELTS while testing centers in a student's country of residence are closed due to COVID-19. Results for these tests will still need to meet the score requirements listed above. If you are registered for the IELTS Indicator and in-person testing resumes, we may request that you take the in-person exam instead. For more information about the TOEFL iBT Special Home Ed, see their website: or visit the IELTS Indicator website at to learn more about their test.


2) Successfully completing an intensive English program:

Intensive English Program Minimum Required Level
BridgeEnglish Language Center Successful completion of program level B2
EC Language Centres Successful completion of Upper Intermediate Level
EF Education First International Language Centers Successful completion of program level C-1
ELS Language Centers Successful completion of program level 112
Embassy English Successful completion of program level 4
FLS International Successful completion of program level 8
ILSC Successful completion of University Pathway Program Advanced Level 2
Open Hearts Language Academy Successful completion of Advanced 2 level or Elite level
Spring International Language Center Successful completion of level 6
Affiliated ESL Programs at US Insitutions Successful Completion of an ESL Program at or under the I-17 of an Accredited US Institution


NOTE: The Office of International Programs reserves the right to request students to submit additional proof of English proficiency, even if they meet the above-listed requirements. Sub-scores for different sections within the examination are also considered in determining whether a student has a strong enough command of the English language in order to succeed at Montana State University.

Score Submission

Montana State University will only accept score reports sent directly from the testing service. Please read below to learn more about specific test requirements.


Arrangements to take the TOEFL can be made at this website. There, you can also find out more information about this examination. Allow sufficient time for test registration procedures (about one month) and score results (one additional month). Entering the Montana State University school code (4488) on the test form will ensure that an official score report is sent directly to the Office of Admissions. Scores must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Services (ETS) to the MSU Office of Admissions. Official score reports can be ordered via the TOEFL website.


IELTS is a program jointly managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, British Council, and IDP Education Australia (IELTS Australia). Montana State University accepts only the IELTS Academic Test. To register for the exam, please go to: On the day of the exam, students will need to write down the address for MSU International Admissions in order to have scores sent directly. This typically takes two weeks from the test date. The address is:

Montana State University Bozeman, Undergraduate Admission
Office of International Programs
183 Strand Union Building
P.O. Box 172260
Bozeman, MT 59717 USA

Cambridge English

Arrangement to take a Cambridge English Exam can be made here. Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding.  Qualifications are based on research into effective teaching and learning. Each exam focuses on a level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), helping learners to improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills step by step.  Unlike IELTS or Toefl, Cambriidge English Certifications do not expire and can be accepted even if they are over two years old. Applicants can send their scores from the Cambridge English Candidate Portal by Selecting Montana State university as a recipient. For more information please visit the following link:

PTE Academic

PTE Academic scores must be sent through PTE's secure portal. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit and click on 'My Account' to login
  2. Click 'Send Scores'
  3. Type Montana State University in the field marked 'Institution / Organization / Department / School' and click 'Search'
  4. Tick the box next to the MSU's name when it appears in the list
  5. Review your details then scroll down the page and click 'Next' and 'Next' again to confirm


You can schedule an iTEP exam by contacting your nearest test center. You can learn more about the test center nearest to you by visiting the iTEP Schedule a Test website. During registration, you can select Montana State University from the drop-down list. This will cause your scores to be sent automatically to MSU as soon as the grading is complete.


Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test can be taken online at any time. It is a fast and inexpensive alternative to other options—it takes approximately 30 minutes and costs $49. The exam uses computer-adaptive testing, meaning the questions will automatically adapt to each test-takers’ ability, generating a different set of questions for every session.

The exam requires you to use an Opera or Google Chrome browser and your computer's self-facing camera and microphone. The testing session is recorded and verified by a Duolingo proctor, and the results are available within 48 hours. Please make sure you indicate on your test that you want your results sent to Montana State University.

To take your test today, please visit their website:



The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency is taken by a large number of students in Japan, making it the most administered English language proficiency test in the country.  There are 7 Grades, and the test assesses your reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities.

Eiken Score report is sent directly from the Eiken Study Abroad Center to the MSU Office of International Programs. Please order your report from the Eiken Study Abroad Website:

Please visit the EIKEN website to learn more about the test:


If you would like to send ACT results to MSU to fulfill our Proof of English Proficiency requirement, please be sure results are within two years old and request official results through their website at using the MSU ACT school code 2420.


If you would like to send ACT results to MSU to fulfill our Proof of English Proficiency requirement, please be sure results are within two years old and request official results through their website at using the MSU SAT school code 4488.

Conditional Admission for Undergraduate Applicants

Students who do not have the required English proficiency scores for full admission to MSU, but are academically qualified, may be awarded "admission with conditions." Successful completion of an intensive English program will satisfy the English proficiency requirement. Once the necessary level of proficiency is achieved, students must submit their certificates of completion to the International Admissions team in the Office of International Programs for evaluation.


Exemptions from Providing Proof of English Proficiency

Applicants that have completed one of the following will be exempt from providing additional Proof of English Proficiency:

1. Students that graduate with an IB diploma.

2. Students that received a result of C or above on the IGCSE O-Level English examination or a score no lower than 4 on the GCSE English examination.

3. Students that complete at least 2 full semesters or 24+ semester credits at a U.S. Regionally Accredited Institution that includes two college-level English courses with a grade of C or better and are in good standing.

4. Students that complete at least the past 2 years at a U.S. high school with good academic standing and that have received a grade of B or better in English coursework completed in the US high school.

5. If you have received a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree from an institution in the United States or a country listed below, an English proficiency examination is not required.

6. If you have completed secondary school in one of the countries listed below with the medium of instruction being English for the curriculum and satisfactory completion of English courses.

NOTE: Students requesting one of the above exemptions must provide official transcripts for admission. The Office of International Programs reserves the right to request students to submit additional proof of English proficiency, even if they are eligible for an exemption.


Falkland Islands
Antigua & Barbuda
New Zealand
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
British Virgin Islands
Isle of Man
Turks & Caicos Islands
Canada (not including Quebec)
United Kingdom
Cayman Islands
United States Territories