Welcome to Montana State University!
MSU is among the top 3% of colleges and universities for research expenditures and is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as an institution with a high undergraduate profile. This means undergraduates at MSU can pursue research opportunities typically reserved for graduate students at other schools. Plus, MSU’s location at the crossroads between Yellowstone National Park and some of the biggest skiing in America offers students a classroom, laboratory, and playground unlike any other in the world. 

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What is a Freshman Student?

A freshman student is someone who has graduated from secondary school but has not yet attended a post-secondary school or university. If you plan to attend a college summer session immediately after graduating from high school or have completed college work while in high school, the University still considers you a freshman applicant.

If you have enrolled in a college or university after graduating from high school and taken more than 12 college-level credits of coursework, you must apply as a transfer student - continue reading below.

What is a Transfer Student?

A transfer student is one who started post-secondary studies in one college or university and then chooses to move to a different college or university. If you have completed 12 or more credits at the college or university level and now want to move to MSU, then you are considered as a transfer student.

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Forms for Undergraduate Applicants