The College of Nursing is currently undergoing a Policy and Procedure review process. As part of that process, we are eliminating the numbering system. New policies are listed by title only.  

Please bear with us as we go through the process of reviewing, approving, and converting our old (numbered) policies to new (website page) policies.

Please contact Nicole Krueger, [email protected], 406-994-2663, with any questions.

New Policies

Academic Affairs

  1. Application, Admission and Placement into the College of Nursing Undergraduate Programs (Replaces C-16)
  2. Faculty or Student Reporting of Unusual Incidents (Replaces A-11)
  3. Graduate Professional Scholarly Project and Committee Membership (Replaces D-4)
  4. Graduate Program Admissions and Progression Policy (Replaces D-3)

      IV. Professional Nursing Curricula - Program Outcomes and Conceptual Threads (Replaces C-13*)  *C-13 will be maintained under the old curriculum until it is completely finished (spring 2023)

       V. Program Assessment Plan

       VI. Standardized Grading Criteria (New Policy)

Financial Affairs

Governance and Organization

  1. College of Nursing Policies and Procedures (Replaces A-1, A-2) 
  2. Faculty Development Policy (Replaces E-4)
  3. Funding for Faculty Development (Replaces E-2)
  4. Master Evaluation Plan (Replaces A-9)
  5. MRJCON Faculty Bylaws (Replaces F-1)
  6. Non-Tenure Track Rank Advancement (Replaces E-5)

a. NTT Rank Advancement Matrix 2023

  1. Strike Notice Arbitration (Replaces A-29)

Non-policy Guidance

  1. MSU General Record Retention Schedule 
  2. Rescheduling Class and Clinical Due to Holidays (New Policy)
  3. Standard Operating Procedure for MRJCON Advisory Boards


  1. Guidelines for Faculty, Administrators, and Staff with Family Members who are MSU College of Nursing Students (replaces A-10)

Student Success

  1. Acceptable Performance in UG Courses (Replaces C-1)
  2. Children Attending MRJCON Classes (Replaces A-37)
  3. Clinical Site Visits and Performance in Required Graduate Clinical Nursing Courses 
  4. College of Nursing Scholastic Committee (Replaces A-8)
  5. CON Scholarship and Awards Committee (Replaces A-18)
  6. Essential Requirements for Nursing Education: Technical Standards (Replaces A-19)
  7. Professional Student Behavior (New Policy)
  8. Student Attendance at all Campus, Class, Clinical & Lab Orientations
  9. Student Clinical Compliance (Replaces A-20) *MSU CON Immunization Requirements
  10. Student Exposure to or Diagnosis of a Communicable Disease (Replaces A-33)
  11. Student Refusal of a Clinical Assignment
  12. Temporary and Permanent Dismissal of Students From Clinical Settings (Denial of Access to Patients)

The Policy Index document, available in PDF, contains "last updated" information on the policies, as well as conversion information from the old organization system.

Old Policies

Section C: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)

Section D: Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)

Faculty Development Committee (FDC)