The University Police Department, Huffman Building, on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard.



What can be stored here?


  • Legally possessed handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • Traditional, compound, and cross bows
  • Airsoft rifles and pistols
  • Paintball guns
  • Knives 
  • Bear spray
  • Mace
  • Ammunition and arrows


Free of charge



Hours of operation


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How can items be stored?


Hand Guns and Rifles- Must be stored in a hard sided case, provided by the customer. If the customer does not have a case, a MSUPD owned case can be loaned to the customer until they can provide their own.  If the customer has a case but it is not hard-sided plastic, the customer’s case will be used and the customer will be informed they need to purchase an appropriate case

Bows and Arrows- Case is preferred for storage and tips must be protected.

Other Various Items- (i.e. Knives, Mace, Ammo, etc.)- Must fit into a ammo box no bigger than 16" L x 8" W x 10" H provided by the customer.  Plastic ammo boxes are prefrerred.


Process to Store Weapons

The following procedures are required and will facilitate the orderly intake of weapons being stored at the MSU WSF:

  1. Persons requesting to store their weapon at the WSF must agree to the weapons storage agreement upon check in. No pre-registration form is required.
  2. The weapon owner requesting to store their weapon(s) should contact the MSUPD, at 406-994-2121, to make arrangements for the storage. The weapon owner should be aware that there are times when an after-hours emergency and urgent police business may delay the arrival of MSUPD staff at the WSF.
  3. Firearm owners shall, when approaching the MSUPD, transport their firearm inside a closed case. Inside the case, all firearms shall be unloaded. A case is preferred for storage of a bow, but is not required. All arrows must be separate from the bow with with tips covered or otherwise protected.
  4. From within the WSF, the staff member will remotely allow entry by the weapon owner into the vestibule. Weapon owners shall not proceed further into the facility past the reception counter under any circumstances.
  5. Once inside the vestibule, the MSUPD staff member will inspect the weapon to ensure that it is unloaded.
  6. The weapon owner will complete the check-in process. The weapon owner will provide the required contact information and will be required to provide MSU Student ID and/or a government-issued photo ID  (such as a driver’s license) at the time of check-in or check-out. 
  7. The MSUPD staff member will inspect the submitted weapon to ensure that the make/model/serial number matches the information entered into the system. The weapon case used to transport the weapon to the WSF will be used to store the weapon(s). The MSUPD staff member will make arrangements for unusual circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Once the weapon is accepted for storage, the MSUPD staff member will attach a provided zip tie with a uniquely identifying number to the weapon case and enter that information into the system. The MSUPD staff member will assign the weapon to a vacant storage location and will record the location in the system. The MSUPD staff member will also attach a property system barcode label to the tag and place the tag on the case.
  9. The owner will acknowledge the weapon check-in and user agreement by providing an electronic signature. The owner will receive an emailed receipt providing a copy of the user acknowledgment and listing of the items checked into the WSF.

 Please see the MSU firearm policies here: Firearm Policies 

For more details, please call (406) 994-2121