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An effective crime prevention program hinges on the efforts of the entire community. 

Montana State University’s Police Crime Prevention Program encourages all members of our campus community to work together to make MSU as crime free as possible.

One of the most important actions anyone can take is to report crimes, suspicious persons, and potential problems as quickly as possible. Any victim or witness to a crime is encouraged (although not required) to report the crime so an investigation can occur. Even if the victim declines prosecution, the University Police need to know the details surrounding the event so actions can be taken to preclude further incidents of that nature.

Crimes can be reported in person by coming to the MSU Police Department office at the Roy Huffman Building on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard, by telephone at 994-2121 or 911, by e-mail from this web site, or anonymously by using the Silent Witness Program.

Crime prevention is everyone’s business; please be involved.

You can help prevent crime on campus by taking a few precautions:

    • Register your bicycle with the University Police and lock your bicycle to a bicycle rack when not in use; bicycle registration is free.
    • Keep expensive articles locked up and out-of-sight in your automobile.
    • Use a common sense approach to protecting your valuables and either keep them in your locked residence or on your person; record serial numbers of expensive articles.
    • Know who you are talking to on the telephone and be cautious of both telephone solicitations and person(s) who approach you with some kind of sales offer. Harassing and obscene phone calls are another reason to use caution. 
    • Keep only reasonable amounts of cash on hand and protect your credit cards and the credit card numbers.
    • Keep locker combinations and electronic passwords confidential.

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