The Montana State University Police Department provides police and emergency services on a continual 24-hour basis throughout the year. The police department is located in the Roy Huffman Building and is open at all times to the public. The Department maintains the Police Blotter at the front desk, which is accessible to the public and provides the most recent reports of police activity. 

MSU PD is the agency having primary law enforcement jurisdiction on MSU property.  As such, it is responsible for enforcing local, state, and federal laws as well as university policies and procedures.  State statute gives University officers full jurisdiction on all property owned by the Montana University System and within one mile of such properties for campus-related activities.  Additionally, the University Police operate under a mutual-aid agreement with the City of Bozeman giving them full jurisdiction within the City limits. 

In addition to its law enforcement role, the University Police Department provides the following services: safety, security, first responder for fire, medical, and hazardous material incidents, public safety answering point (9-1-1), parking lot maintenance, traffic control, accident investigation, crime prevention, education, services to motorists, snow removal, key distribution, liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement and security organizations, and oversight of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  University Police has responsibility for first response in the event of an active shooter or similar incident and as such routinely trains to respond to such threats.  Additionally, the Department has responsibility for the security and protection of all University physical property and assets.

University campuses are unique settings, due in large part to diverse populations.  This requires the use of a community based approach to law enforcement. Because of this, the department’s primary orientation is law enforcement coupled with a focus on community policing, crime prevention, and community service.

The department consists of 20 armed, commissioned officers, 10 dispatchers, 5 parking personnel and 3 support staff.

The department maintains a 24 hour patrol division with 3 sergeants and 13 officers as well as a criminal investigation/community policing division with one sergeant and two officers.

Members of the department are truly dedicated to the concept of providing both a timely and effective service to the university community and its visitors. The Department utilizes police cars, bicycles, and foot patrols to ensure accessibility to the community on a 24-hour basis. Department staff routinely provides a myriad of public safety services such as jump starts and unlocking cars, first responder for medical assistance, personal safety escorts and money escorts, motorists assistance, security checks in the family housing areas, and assistance with campus directions and information. Police officers conduct traffic accident investigation, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, law enforcement, security patrols of campus buildings and common areas, response to fire alarms, security at athletic and concert events, and crime prevention activities such as presentations to student organizations and registration of student bicycles.