In order to enable students and visitors to campus to comply with the Montana State University Weapons Policy, we have provided a Weapon Storage Facility.  To use the facility customers will be asked to sign-in their weapon and agree to the weapons storage agreement during check-in.


The Montana State University Police Department operates a Weapons Storage Facility for the safety and convenience of students, faculty and staff. With limited exceptions, weapons are not allowed to be stored on campus anywhere other than the MSUPD Weapon Storage Facility (WSF). In order to maintain the privilege of storing a weapon on campus at MSUPD, the following procedures must be adhered to:

  1. Persons wishing to store a weapon at the WSF shall provide name, phone number, address, email address, and weapon(s) information.
  2. During normal MSUPD business hours, the weapon owner requesting to store/or check out their weapon(s) should contact the MSUPD, at 406-994-2121 to make arrangements. The weapon owner should be advised that after normal business hours, emergency and urgent police business may delay the arrival of MSUPD staff at the WSF.
  3. All persons checking weapons in/out must present their MSU Student ID and/or a government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license).
  4. Firearms to be stored must be unloaded, and in a hard case. If the customer does not have a case, a MSUPD owned case can be loaned to the customer until they can provide their own.  If the customer has a case but it is not hard-sided plastic, the customer’s case will be used and the customer will be informed they need to purchase an appropriate case.
  5. Bringing a loaded firearm in the MSUPD WSF is a violation of this agreement.
  6. When a weapon is stored, the MSUPD staff member will issue a serial number zip tie that is unique to that weapon and barcode tag. Both will be affixed to the weapon(s) case.
  7. Prior to weapons(s) release, the MSUPD staff member will verify ownership of the weapon(s).
  8. No weapon will be released to individuals displaying signs of impairment, or who, in the opinion of the MSUPD, may be an imminent risk to themselves or others.