One of the most important actions anyone can take is to report crime, suspicious persons, and potential problems as quickly as possible. Any victim or witness to a crime should report the crime so police can ensure public safety and conduct an investigation. Even if the victim declines prosecution, the University Police need to know the details surrounding the event so action can be taken to preclude further incidents of a similar nature and to protect others from crime. Incidents involving injury to people or crimes against persons should always be reported to University Police.

Crimes can be reported in person by coming to the MSU Police Department located at the Roy Huffman Building on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard, by telephone at 994-2121 or 911, or by e-mail using the Silent Witness Program.

Silent Witness

We understand the difficulty people may experience in reporting crimes or incidents of concern to us face-to-face. We offer the Silent Witness Program to anyone who has witnessed, or knows about, a crime committed on campus. You are welcome to send email to Silent Witness with information you feel may be useful in keeping your campus safe and secure. It is important that you provide as much detail as to what, who, when, where, and how, as possible. Your identity will be protected to the fullest extent possible.

Please keep in mind that the Silent Witness Program is NOT monitored constantly, but is checked several times a day typically. This reporting method should NOT be used to report in progress crimes or any other instance where the immediate safety of the public is at risk. To report an in progress crime please call 994-2121 or 911.


 We appreciate your assistance in helping us protect your campus.