Case Number Report Date/Time Occurred Date/Time Incident Location Disposition
209CR0003655 6/30/09 1638 6/23/09 An individual reported being threatened during a telephone conversation. MSU Family & Graduate Housing. Case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003648 6/30/09 0950 6/29/09 – 6/30/09 Vandalism/Criminal Trespass-someone broke two windows and entered two storage rooms at the quads. Quads A and C Case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003638 6/29/09 2206 6/29/09 2206 Noise complaint – dispatch received a noise complaint in MSU Family & Graduate Housing. Julia Martin Drive Officers responded and observed several adults and children talking loudly and playing with bicycles.  The individuals agreed to quiet down.
209CR0003625 6/29/09 1000 6/29/09 0750- 6/29/09 0950 Hit & Run MVA – an individual reported that someone had hit their vehicle while it was parked. Antelope Lot Case closed, pending further investigative leads.
209CR0003622 6/29/09 0638 6/28/09 2330- 6/29/09 0630 Criminal mischief – two bricks were thrown through windows. North Hedges Hall Case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003600 6/28/09 0339 6/28/09 0339 Law enforcement assist – Bozeman PD requested assistance in responding to a 911 hang-up call. Hillcrest Drive The call was determined to be a misdial.
  6/27/09   No reports    
209CR0003570 6/26/09 2226 6/26/09 2226 Law enforcement assist – An officer assisted a Bozeman PD officer with an investigation. Paisley Court Case closed.
209CR0003568 6/26/09 2144 6/26/09 2144 Found property – a woman turned in a file containing documents that she had found in the street. Cotton Wood and Stucky Case closed with found property report taken.
209CR0003549 6/25/09 1517 6/25/09 1517 Hit & Run MVA – a woman reported that her vehicle had been hit while parked. S. 8th Ave. An officer responded and took the report.  Case closed, pending further investigative leads.
209CR0003548 6/25/09 1154 6/25/09 1154 911 call – a woman called 911 and told dispatch that she had dialed in error.  Ag Bio Building Officers responded and confirmed that the woman was not in need of assistance.
209CR0003527 6/24/09 1003 6/24/09 1003 911 call – a man called 911 on his blackberry and told the dispatcher that he had accidentally pressed the emergency button on the device. Strand Union Building Officers responded and met with the man and confirmed that he was not in need of assistance.

6/23/09 1245

6/23/09 1245 Noise complaint- reporting party stated the Shakespeare in the Parks rehearsals were disrupting classes. MSU Grove Officer on scene, Shakespeare in the Parks will keep down the noise, warning for noise complaint
209CR0003506 6/22/09 1610 6/22/09 1610 Found property – an MSU parking officer found an abandoned bicycle with an MSU decal. 1300 block of S. 5th Ave. The owner of the bicycle was notified.  Case closed.
209CR0003504 6/22/09 1430 5/12/09 – 5/16/09 Theft – a woman reported that her bicycle had been stolen. South Hedges Hall Case closed, pending further investigative leads.
209CR0003503 6/22/09 1421 5/12/09 – 5/16/09 Theft – a man reported that his bicycle had been stolen. Roskie Hall Case closed, pending further investigative leads.
209CR0003488 6/21/09 2158 6/18/09 – 6/21/09 2150 Suspicious incident – a woman reported that she had left town for the weekend, and upon returning home found her front door open. Julia Martin Drive Officers checked the house and the woman stated that nothing had been taken.  She speculated that a family member who had access to her residence may have accidentally left the door open. 
209CR0003475 6/21/09 0205 6/21/09 0205 Disturbance – a loud verbal argument was reported. McIntosh Court Officers responded and confirmed that the dispute was verbal only.  Both parties involved were warned for the noise.
209CR0003472 6/20/09 2337 6/20/09 2337 911 call – a man called 911 and then informed dispatch that he had dialed in error. North Hedges Officers responded and made contact with the caller.  He said that he had been trying to dial an off campus number and had mistakenly dialed 911.
209CR0003461 6/20/09 1801 6/20/09 1801 911 call – someone dialed 911 and then hung up the phone. North Hedges Officers responded and found the room from which the call originated to be vacant.  Officers checked the area and found no problems.
  6/19/09   No reports    
  6/18/09   No reports    
209CR0003390 6/17/09 2010 6/17/09 2010 Suspicious incident – a man came to the MSU Police Department to report an order of protection violation. MSU PD The man would not provide specific details of the violation.  Case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003385 6/16/09 2108 6/16/09 2108 Theft- Female student reported items stolen from the library. Renne Library Report taken.
209CR0003384 6/16/09 1940 6/16/09 1940 Criminal Mischief- MSU employee reported Frisbee golfers hitting the building with disc. Sherrick Hall Officer arrived on scene and warned individuals.
209CR0003378 6/16/09 1624 6/16/09 1624 Disorderly-Female employee causing a disturbance. Roberts Hall Officers arrived on scene, disorderly female was escorted from the building.
209CR0003376 6/16/09 1428 6/16/09 1428 Vandalism-individual (BC-not a student) reported a cracked windshield. Paisley Court West Officer observed damage. Report taken.
209CR0003375 6/16/09 1332 6/16/09 1332 Noise complaint- Individual requested that Shakespeare in the Parks be asked to quite down, they are too loud and disrupting classes. MSU Grove-duck pond Officer arrived on scene and individuals were warned for noise.
209CR0003355 6/15/09 1510 6/15/09 1510 Disorderly conduct- A male confronted a parking officer regarding a parking citation. Strand Union Building Officer unable to locate individual, case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003326 6/14/09 0239 6/14/09 0239 Vandalism- Reporting party stated that fireworks were set off on the front porch of a residence. 1200 block of South 6th Officers arrived on scene, unable to locate suspects, no damage to residence. Report taken.
209CR0003309 6/13/09 0320 6/13/09 0320 Suspicious incident- noise complaint-An individual reported a female (not a student) yelling and banging on the wall. Reporting party stated the disturbances are an ongoing issue. Nelson Story Officer arrived-located resident of apartment. Resident was locked out of apartment. Individual warned for noise complaint.
209CR0003297 6/12/09 1705 6/12/09 1705 Endangering Welfare of Children- Reporting party stated young male left alone for hours. Julia Martin Officer arrived, child taken into custody. Parent was cited child was placed into custody of Child Protective Services.
209CR0003294 6/12/09 1323 6/12/09 1323 Theft- Reporting party stated a female was observed stealing, cooperative and waiting for law enforcement. Strand Union Building Officer arrived, suspect cooperative. Per reporting party’s request, suspect was warned for theft.
209CR0003275 6/11/09 2220 6/1/09 - 
Harassment- A female student reported being harassed by a male. The reporting party was being harassed by phone and text. Julia Martin A Male was warned for privacy in communications and trespassed from campus.
209CR0003262 6/11/09 1040 6/11/09 1040 Animal complaint- A female student left her dog in a vehicle without an open window. New Gatton Parking Lot Individual contacted and warned for animal cruelty.
209CR0003260 6/11/09 0902 6/11/09 0902 Theft- the University Union Market reported a theft of food from the business. Union Market-SUB Report taken- case active, pending further investigation.
209CR0003248 6/10/09 1740 6/10/09 1740 Theft - a female student reported that her bicycle was stolen and that she observed the bicycle being ridden by an individual. Renne Library Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the bicycle. Report taken.
  6/9/09   No Reports    
209CR0003219 6/8/09 1557 6/8/09 1557 Warrant-Driver (non-student) of a vehicle gave false identification. Under his real identity he was found to have a warrant out for his arrest. South 3rd and Hill Driver arrested and placed into the custody of the detention center.
209CR0003217 6/8/09 1051 6/8/09 1051 Animal complaint- Dog at large Deer Street Owner warned for dog at large.
209CR0003204 6/7/09 2114 6/7/09 2114 Noise complaint- Resident reported a noise complaint to family Graduate Housing CA- request for Officers to check Paisley Court Officers arrived and gave a verbal warning for noise.
  6/6/09   No reports    
209CR0003134 6/5/09 0740 5/29/09 Theft-Fraudulent charges- An individual from Florida reported a fraudulent check and use of MSU accounts. Hallandale, Florida Information taken and provided to University Officials.
209CR0003111 6/4/09 1547 6/4/09 1547 A suspicious male was seen outside of the ASMSU Day Care. When the individual was observed by employees, he left the area. ASMSU Day Care Individual was gone on Officers' arrival- Officers are currently working on follow-up.
209CR0003110 6/4/09 1400 6/4/09 1345 Law Enforcement Assist- City Officers looking for three males that used a bat to damage a vehicle. Officers saw individuals in Family Housing during a prior call. Family Graduate Housing/College St. Two individuals were located.  Officers cleared-agency assist.
209CR0003108 6/4/09 1254 6/4/09 1254 Disturbance-Officers responded to a report of a disturbance. Parties involved were having a verbal argument and one individual was locked out of the home.  Family Graduate Housing- Macintosh Court Parties were verbally warned for their behavior.

6/4/09 1019

6/4/09 1019 Disturbance-Officers responded to a report of a disturbance. Parties involved were having a verbal argument. Family Graduate Housing- Julia Martin Parties separated and verbal warnings were issued.
  6/3/09   No reports    
  6/2/09   No reports    
209CR0003071 6/1/09 1720 6/1/09 Suspicious incident – a woman reported that someone tried to dupe her with a check fraud scam involving MSU. Troy, MT Case active, pending further investigation.
Updated: 07/09/2009