Facility  Name

Director/ Administrator



Animal Biosafety Level 2 Facility (ABSL-2)-Johnson Family Livestock Facility Mark Quinn www.chemistry.montana.edu/cobre/ COBRE at MSU
Biosafety Level 3 Facility (BSL-3)-Jutila Research Laboratory Martin Teintze www.chemistry.montana.edu/cobre/ COBRE at MSU
Cereal Quality Control Laboratory Deanna Nash www.plantsciences.montana.edu/cqlab Laboratory Services
Community Development Program (MSU Extension Service) Paul Lachapelle http://msucommunitydevelopment.org/ Program Areas
Human Ecology Learning & Problem Solving Lab (HELPS) Eric Raile http://www.inbre.montana.edu/current-research/raile_helps.html Data collection for research involving human subjects (fee-for-service basis)
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Matthew Ulberg www.coe.montana.edu/ltapv2/ Staff
Microbiology and Immunology Jovanka Voyich http://www.montana.edu/mbi/ Research Facilities and Information
Montana Early Childhood Project Dan Stluka www.mtecp.org N/A
Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) Paddy Fleming www.mtmanufacturingcenter.com Services
Montana State Seed Potato Certification Program Nina Zidack www.montanaspud.org Certification Program Rules & Regulations
Nutrition Research Laboratory Mary Miles Nutrition Facilities Web Page Nutrition Faculty

Optical and Quantum Systems 

Nick Borys 
& Brian Durso


Optical Technology Center Joseph Shaw OpTec Web Page Faculty & Research Groups
Plant Growth Center David Baumbauer http://agriculture.montana.edu/pgc/ Facilities
Pollution Prevention Program (MSU Extention Service) Jenny Grossenbacher http://www.montana.edu/pollution-prevention/ Montana Materials Exchange
Spatial Sciences Center
(formerly GIAC)
Scott Powell www.ssc.montana.edu Staff
Statistical Consulting Mark Greenwood http://www.montana.edu/statisticalconsulting/ http://www.montana.edu/statisticalconsulting/scrs_staff.html
Subzero Science and Engineering Research Facility Kevin Hammonds http://www.montana.edu/subzero/


TechLink Brett Cusker www.techlinkcenter.org Services
Translational Biomarkers Core Laboratory Stephen Martin https://www.montana.edu/cairhe/translational-biomarkers-core/index.html