Facility  Name

Director/ Administrator



Animal Biosafety Level 2 Facility (ABSL-2)-Johnson Family Livestock Facility Mark Quinn www.chemistry.montana.edu/cobre/ COBRE at MSU
Animal Resource Center Kathy Hardcastle https://www.montana.edu/animalresources/ http://www.montana.edu/orc/iacuc/
Biosafety Level 3 Facility (BSL-3)-Jutila Research Laboratory Martin Tientze www.chemistry.montana.edu/cobre/ COBRE at MSU
Center for Biofilm Engineering Matthew Fields www.erc.montana.edu Staff
Cereal Quality Control Laboratory Deanna Nash www.plantsciences.montana.edu/cqlab Laboratory Services
Chemistry and Biochemistry-Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory Brian Bothner www.chemistry.montana.edu Proteomics & Biological Mass Spectrometer Facility
Community Development Program (MSU Extension Service) Paul Lachapelle http://msucommunitydevelopment.org/ Program Areas
Human Ecology Learning & Problem Solving Lab (HELPS) Eric Raile http://www.inbre.montana.edu/current-research/raile_helps.html Data collection for research involving human subjects (fee-for-service basis)
Image and Chemical Analysis Laboratory (ICAL) Recep Avci www.physics.montana.edu/ical Instrumentation
Laser Optics Research Laboratory William Babbitt, Rufus Cone, Aleksander Rebane

Laser Optics Research

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Matthew Ulberg www.coe.montana.edu/ltapv2/ Staff
Montana Early Childhood Project Libby Hancock www.mtecp.org Early Childhood Education at MSU
Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) Paddy Fleming www.mtmanufacturingcenter.com Services
Montana Microfabrication Facility (MMF) David Dickensheets www.mmf.montana.edu Equipment List
Montana State Seed Potato Certification Program Nina Zidack www.montanaspud.org Certification Program Rules & Regulations
Nutrition Research Laboratory Mary Miles Nutrition Facilities Web Page Nutrition Faculty
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory Valerie Copie Research Overview Thermal Biology Institute
Optical Technology Center Joseph Shaw OpTec Web Page Faculty & Research Groups
Plant Growth Center David Baumbauer http://agriculture.montana.edu/pgc/ Facilities
Pollution Prevention Program (MSU Extention Service) Jenny Grossenbacher http://www.montana.edu/pollution-prevention/ Montana Materials Exchange
Research Cyberinfrastructure Jonathan Hilmer http://www.montana.edu/uit/rci/index.html Software, consulting, computation, data storage
Spatial Sciences Center
(formerly GIAC)
Scott Powell www.ssc.montana.edu Staff
 Statistical Consulting Mark Greenwood http://www.montana.edu/statisticalconsulting/ http://www.montana.edu/statisticalconsulting/scrs_staff.html
Subzero Science and Engineering Research Facility Ed Adams http://www.montana.edu/subzero/ Facility Descriptions
TechLink Brett Cusker www.techlinkcenter.org Services
Microbiology and Immunology Mark Jutila http://www.montana.edu/mbi/ Research Facilities and Information