lending library shelves

The Science Math Resource Center's STEM Lending Library is filled with books, kits and hands-on resources for use in educational outreach. MSU students, staff and faculty and in-service educators can check out materials. The SMRC staff is happy to make recommendations of appropriate resources for age groups and situations.

We alsowelcome inquiries and new projects from researchers who wish to create and disseminate educational resources for broader impacts and outreach.

The STEM Lending Library is located in Reid 413 (enter through Reid 412). Learn more

Spring 2024 office hours

  • Wednesdays: 11am - 3pm and
  • Thursdays: 10am - 11am and 1:30 - 2:30pm

Or, call SMRC at (406) 994-7476 or email[email protected]to visit the Lending Library at another time.


Please note: The elevator in Reid Hall is not functioning throughout the 2023-24 school year. If you are unable to visit the STEM Lending Library on the fourth floor due to this constraint, please contact us, and we will make arrangements to bring the STEM Lending Library to you! We want EVERYONE who is interested to be able to benefit from this resource.

Resources available

MiniKite KitThe STEM Lending Library contains commercially available kits and curricula, as well as resources that have been developed specifically for Montana State University. Some resources tie directly to MSU research projects.

The list is constantly growing, but below is a sampling:

  • Technologies / STEM toys likeMicroBit,Snap Circuits,Foldscopes - origami microscope andPocketLabs
  • Building toys/materials
  • Children's books to combine with STEM activities
  • Books with STEM activity ideas in science, engineering and math
  • Curriculum sets such as Project WET
  • Ready-to-go kits

Citizen Science 101

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the Lakeville Nature Conservancy for sharing a useful resource! Citizen Science 101: How Anyone Can Contribute to Scientific Research and Development highlights leading citizen scientists in history, resources for finding potential projects and tips to get involved yourself. 

The Lakeville Nature Conservancy works to improve their community through working with nature and educating the public to be more eco-friendly. Thanks for all the work you do, Ms. Garcia & Katrina, Elizabeth, Julia, and Chris!

We can help with broader impacts and outreach

The SMRC team can also consult with researchers who wish to create and disseminate an educational kit, activity or other STEM resource for broader impacts and outreach. Or, we can house a kit or other STEM resources you have created, thus adding sustainability to short-term grant-funded projects.

Contact Suzi Taylor at [email protected]