Science literacy provides the foundation for a competitive and creative working force, and collective well-being. The Science Math Resource Center (SMRC) is committed to promote teaching and learning excellence in K-12 formal and informal settings in the State of Montana. In collaboration with other state science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educational organizations, the Center will deliver professional development for teachers and other youth educators. Programs will address STEM content, community culture, instructional approaches of current educational reforms, and the development of leadership skills among educators.


Science Math Resource Center will increase the science literacy of K-12 students by using formal and informal opportunities for science learning. SMRC will provide professional development for K-12 educators of tribal, rural, and urban communities. The Center will provide professional assistance to other STEM educational organizations of the State of Montana and be recognized for its advocacy of high quality STEM education in the State. Echoing the land-grant mission of MSU, the Center will facilitate the integration of the University and K-12 STEM education communities in Montana.


  • Equity
    Based on the principles of fairness and inclusion, the advantages of a high quality education should be available to all students and teachers in Montana. 
  • K-12 Student Success
    Educational systems, teaching practices, and resources should be available to facilitate the success of all K-12 students.
  • Excellence
    All educators in Montana should have the support necessary to provide the highest attainable quality education.
  • Sustainability
    Communities should be able to sustain high quality education for their future generations. 


  • The Center will be recognized for its coordination of the Montana Science Olympiad, and for mentoring Science Olympiad students and coaches. 
  • The Center will be involved in interdisciplinary programs that integrate STEM fields and appropriate educational pedagogy for faculty, local communities, and K-12 school systems.
  • The Center will seek public and private funds to conduct programs for the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Montana.
  • The Center will provide assistance to STEM organizations in the State of Montana in regards to teacher professional development data collection and analysis.
  • The Center will facilitate partnerships between the Montana State University community and schools throughout the state of Montana to engage K-12 students in cutting edge science, engineering, and mathematic inquiry and career-related experiences.
  • The Center will document its impact in K-12 formal and informal STEM teaching and learning, conduct educational research, and disseminate findings in professional venues.