In addition to developing and disseminating educator professional development and STEM programs for youth, the Science Math Resource Center takes part in educational research surrounding STEM. Below are some of our recent publications, presentations and projects.

Educator Needs Assessment

As part of the Education-Outreach-Diversity team for Montana NSF EPSCoR, SMRC seeks to advance the program’s goal of building competitiveness in Montana science and engineering research and development.

This report is an encapsulation of the professional development needs and interests of Montana K-12 educators, with a particular emphasis on teachers of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We believe these findings provide a unique opportunity for Montana University System researchers and others with access to STEM resources to strategize on how those resources can be shared with the K-12 education community, thus advancing the broader impacts of our research. Findings in this report can also offer insights to school administrators, other professional development providers, and agencies that support classroom teachers.

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Bring Kites to Your Classroom with NASA AREN - published in SSMA conference proceedings

Taylor, S., Chipps, J., & Jabot, M. (2022) Bring Kites to your STEM Classroom with NASA AREN. In J. Herron & R. Hammack, (Eds.). Proceedings of the 121st annual convention of the School Science and Mathematics Association (Vol. 9). Missoula, MT: SSMA.