2024 State Tournament · Friday, April 19

What is an Event Supervisor?

Event Supervisors oversee a specific event in accordance with the Science Olympiad Rules Manual. Event Supervisors design the event, recruit additional team members, and administer and grade the event on tournament day.  Event Supervisors are MSU faculty, graduate students, staff or members of the community. Members of the Montana Science Olympiad Club at MSU are also invited to serve as Event Supervisors.  

Past experience with Science Olympiad is helpful but not required.  We are here to support your success, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first year Event Supervisor.  

Event Supervisors are vital to a successful tournament, and we are grateful for your contributions!

Questions?  Contact our staff at [email protected] or call us at (406) 994-7476

Timeline and Tasks

September 2023:  2024 Events Announced HERE

December 2023: Event Supervisor Registration Opens

Dec 2023/Jan 2024:  Event Supervisor Orientation Workshops

February 2024:  Event Supervisor Registration Closes

early March 2024:  Deadline to Submit Equipment Needs

March 2024:  Deadline to Request Volunteer Team Members

early April 2024:  (tentative) Deadline for Tests and Score Sheets

April 17 & 18, 2024:  Packet Pick-up, location TBD

April 19, 2024:  Montana State Tournament

May 24 & 25, 2024:  National Tournament hosted by Michigan State University


Resources for Event Supervisors are posted here as Science Olympiad season progresses.  Check back for:

  • Registration Form
  • Orientation Dates
  • Scilympiad Scoring Software
  • Tournament Day Preparations
  • And much more!

Registration Form

Event Supervisors need to complete a Registration Form.  Registration opens in December, 2023, and will be posted here.  Feel free to contact us earlier at [email protected] with your interest in serving as an Event Supervisor.

Scilympiad: Scoring Software

All Event Supervisors and Co-Supervisors who enter scores will need a Scilympiad account. 

New Event Supervisors

    1. New Event Supervisors will create a new Scilympiad account here.
    2. Click the 'Log in' tab in the upper-right corner, then 'New Member', then 'Create a new account'
    3. Enter your information and click REGISTER
    4. Complete your profile information and choose your main role (Event Supervisor or Assistant ES)
    5. On the 'Events to Supervise' window, choose the events(s) you are hosting.  Choose the correct division (B is middle school, C is high school).  If you are doing both, choose your event under both menus.
    6. After you complete your account registration, our staff will link your event to your account.

Returning Event Supervisors

    1. Returning Event Supervisors can access the Scilympiad account here
    2. Confirm access to your previous account, our staff will link your event to your account.

Scilympiad: Scoring on Tournament Day

Instructions are provided as we get closer to Tournament Day.  In the meantime, the Science Math Resource Center has created this video tutorial for the Montana tournament.  Watch it here:  Event Scoring in Scilympiad

Event Supervisor Checklist

Check back for a helpful checklist for Event Supervisors to prepare for Tournament Day, Friday, April 19, 2024.

Packet Pick-up

Instructions for Packet Pick-up will be posted here as we get closer to Tournament Day.