Montana Science Olympiad State Tournament · Friday, April 19th, 2024


The Montana Science Olympiad State Tournament hosts over 900 middle and high school students from over 70 schools across Montana competing in 29 Science Olympiad events.  This enormous undertaking would not be possible without the dedication of an army of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers contribute an array of tasks from helping to supervise and score science, engineering and technology events, to running sandwiches to Event Supervisors and a roll of duct tape to a classroom.  We need all of you!

Registration opens in January, 2024.  Volunteers earn ChampChange and receive Science Olympiad schwag and a free lunch!

In keeping with MSU Guidelines for University Programs for children, volunteers are screened through a background check. Please read the MSU Guidelines for University Programs for children.

Get a hint of volunteer expectations by watching last year's orientation video here.

Questions? Contact: [email protected], (406) 994-7476.

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to volunteer!

Talks and Tours

Lead a talk or tour for Science Olympiad students on April 19th, 2024, 1-2pm

Science Olympiad competitors say the Talks & Tours are among their favorite parts of the day by learning all the fascinating research and projects at MSU! For many students, including those from small and rural communities, this is their first time exploring the campus envirnoment.  In just one hour, you can help inspire the next generation of STEM professionals while also engaging in STEM service and outreach.

Ideas include:

  • Lead a tour of a lab, studio or interesting on-campus space
  • Present a short talk about your research, club or department
  • Teach a hands-on mini-class that relates to your field
  • Involve your students, lab group or departmental colleagues
  • Demonstrate an interesting instrument or piece of equipment students are not likely to encounter

Non-STEM programs and student support offices are welcome to participate -- our Science Olympiad competitors are interested in all aspects of university life.

Check back HERE to fill out the Talks & Tours Inquiry Form


Please email any questions to us at [email protected] or call (406) 994-7476.