This is a dedicated resource page for the Roadmap to Building High Quality School Meals. Click on each category title to navigate directly to that section of resources: 

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Food Procurement

Procurement includes menu planning and purchasing practices that determine the type, quality and source of foods served in a school nutrition program. 

Menu Planning Resources

Food Purchasing Resources

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Food Production

Food production is the method and techniques used to prepare school meals, and includes strategies for maximizing nutrition and culinary skills to cook from scratch.  

Maximizing Nutrition Resources

Culinary Skills Resources

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Meal Service

Meal service is how foods are presented and served. 

Meal Service Atmosphere Resources

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

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Beyond the food itself, the professional development of school nutrition staff and their connection to the wider school community can impact a program's ability to serve quality school meals. 

Connection with School Community Resources

Professional Development Resources

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Support and Infrastructure

Support and infastructure refers to the basic physical and organizational structures needed for program operation.

Program Operation Resources

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Goal Setting Resources

Setting effective and realistic goals is key to setting yourself up for success when creating change in your school nutrition program. 

Goal Setting Resources