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Travel Schedules

Mike Ouert
Assistant Director of Recruiting

Anders Groseth

Zak Reimer

Mandy Hedstrom


Sam Sticka

Please see your State for travel information in your area. If your travel link does not open, the schedule is not final and will be posted as soon as possible. Please check back soon for updates!

Fall 2014 Travel Schedules

Date Event/Location Representative


Sept. 8-11 Eastern MT Fairs Anders
Sept. 15-18 Central MT Fairs Zak
Sept. 22-25 Western MT Fairs Mike
Oct. 24 MSU Friday
Oct. 27-31 Kalispell Area HSV Zak
Nov. 3-6 Sidney Area HSV Zak
Nov. 10-13 Eastern Hi-Line Area Sam
Nov. 10-13 Bozeman Area HSV Anders
Nov. 10-13 Miles City Area HSV Mandy
Nov. 17-20 Missoula Area HSV Zak
Nov. 17-20 Lewistown Area HSV Anders
Nov. 17-21 Great Falls Area HSV Mike
Nov. 17-21 Helena/Butte Area HSV Mandy
Nov. 17-20 Western Hi-Line Area HSV Sam
Dec. 1-4 Billings Area HSV Mandy
Dec. 1-4 Hardin Area HSV Sam


Oct. 12-23 Alaska Fairs/HSVs/Pizza Anders

California - Northern

Oct. 15-24 Northern CA, Northern NV Fairs/HSV/Pizza Zak

California - Southern

Oct. 19-24 Southern California HSV/Fairs/Pizza Sam


Oct. 5-10 Western Colorado HSV/ Aspen Fair/Pizza Zak
Oct. 5-23 Denver NACAC/Fairs/HSVs/Pizza Mike


Oct. 27-31 Boise NACAC/ID Fairs/HSV/Pizza Sam
Nov. 3-7 Spokane NACAC/HSV/North ID HSV/Pizza Mandy


Sept. 24-Oct. 3 Milwaukee and Chicago HSVs/Pizza/NACAC Zak


Sept. 28-Oct. 10 MN NACAC/MISP Fair/HSVs/Pizza Sam

New England

Sept. 22-Oct 8 New England NEACAC Fairs/HSVs/Pizza Mandy


Oct. 12-17 OR PNACAC/HSVs/Pizza Sam
Oct. 27-Nov 7 Portland NACAC/HSVs/Pizza Mike


Sept. 22-26 Austin/San Antonio Fairs/HSVs/Pizza Parties Anders


Oct. 25-29 Salt Lake City RMACAC/HSV/Pizza Mandy


Oct. 19-24 Seattle Indpendent Fairs/HSVs/Pizza Mandy
Oct. 27-Nov 7 Seattle NACAC/Fairs/HSV/Pizza Anders
Nov. 3-7 Spokane NACAC/HSV/North ID HSV/Pizza Mandy


Sept. 24-Oct. 3 Milwaukee and Chicago HSVs/Pizza/NACAC Zak


Sept. 22-25 Western Wyoming Fairs Sam
Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Northern Wyoming Fairs Mike
Oct. 14-15 Jackson HSV and Pizza Party Mandy