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The High Temperature Electrochemistry Center (HiTEC) is a multidisciplinary research collaboration funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. HiTEC is managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory and is based at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington.

Montana State University is home to HiTEC’s first satellite center, where researchers studying electroceramic materials and solid oxide fuel cells examine material formulation and processing; material properties; mechanisms of degradation; cell architecture and design; and power electronics and control.

HiTEC’s goal is to understand what limits the performance of high-temperature electrochemical systems. When understood, such systems could be used in applications such as fossil energy conversion, reversible fuel cells, gas separation and purification, electrolysis, emissions reduction, and low-cost materials manufacturing technologies. The center hopes to develop these and other new energy technologies.

Job Opportunities and Graduate Studies

Many of the researchers involved in HiTEC have opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral positions, as well as full-time employment. Please see the Web sites of our principal investigators for more information.

Principle Investigators