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Dates for 2022 Event/Location Representative
September 6-8 Texas College Fairs and High School Visits Kaleb Chambers
September 12-15 Eastern MT Fairs Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
September 17-18 New Mexico RMACAC Fairs Anders Groseth
September 19-22 Central MT Fairs Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
September 25 Houston NACAC Fair  Anders Groseth
September 25-Oct. 2 Denver NACAC, Fairs and HSVs Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
September 26-29 Western MT Fairs Kaleb Chambers
October 1-2 Milwaukee and Chicago NACACs Anders Groseth
October 3-7 OR PNACAC Fairs + HSVs  Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
October 5-9 MN NACAC Fair, MISP Fair + HSVs  Kaleb Chambers
October 8 Salt Lake City RMACAC Fair Anders Groseth
October 9-10 Anchorage Fair  Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
October 9-10 Portland PNACAC Fair  Mike Ouert
October 17-20 Lewistown Area HSV Anders Groseth
October 16-20 Western Hi-Line Area HSV Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
October 23 Reno WACAC Fair Kaleb Chambers
October 23 Phoenix NACAC Fair  Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
October 24-28 Bozeman Area Anders Groseth
October 24-28 Sidney Area Kaleb Chambers
October 31- November 4 Great Falls Area Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
November 1 Spokane NACAC Fair  Kaleb Chambers
November 4-5 Seattle NACAC Mike Ouert
November 12  Boise PNACAC Fair Mike Ouert
November 14-18 Kalispell Area Kaleb Chambers
November 28 - December 1 Hardin Area Lauren Kaiser-Jackson
November 28 - December 2 Billing Area Kaleb Chambers
November 28 - December 2 Missoula Area Auna Michler
November 28 - December 2 Eastern Hi-Line Area Anders Groseth
December 12-16 Helena/Butte Area Auna Michler
January 9-13 Miles City Area Auna Michler



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