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Visit Dates 
Event & Location
Sept. 9-12
Eastern MPSEOC College Fair Circut
Sept. 9-12
Western Wyoming (WAO) College Fair Circut
Sept. 15
Greater Phoenix, Arizona NACAC Fair
Sept. 16-19
Centeral MPSEOC College Fair Circut
Sept. 16-19
Northern Wyoming (WAO) College Fair Circut
Sept. 18-21
Salt Lake City, Utah HSVs + RMACAC College Fair
Sept. 22
Minneapolis, Minnesota TCP College Fair
Sept. 22
Albuquerque, New Mexico RMACAC College Fair
Sept. 23-26
Western MPSEOC College Fair Circut
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Denver, Colorado HSVs + Area Fairs + Denver NACAC
Sept. 24-28
NACAC Conference + Los Angeles NACAC
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6
Chicago/Milwaukee HSVs + IRCFs + NACAC Fairs
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6
Southern California HSVs + WACAC Fairs
Oct. 7-11
Oregon PNACAC Tour + Bend/Redmond HSVs
Oct. 14-18
Boise, Idaho HSVs + Boise NACAC
Oct. 17-25
Twin Cities, Minnesota HSVs + MN NACAC
Oct. 20-25
Southern Nevada College Fairs + Las Vegas HSVs + WACAC Fair
Oct. 21-31
Seattle, Washington HSVs + Seattle NACAC + PNACAC Fairs
Oct. 27 - Nov. 8
Portland/Corvallis/Eugene, Oregon HSVs + Portland NACAC
Oct. 28 - Nov. 1
Spokane, Washington HSVs + Spokane NACAC 
Nov. 3-13
Northern California + Reno, Nevada HSVs + Reno WACAC Fair


Visit Dates  In-State High School Visits + Pizza Parties Representative
TBD Miles City Area  Auna Dennis 
TBD Bozeman Area  Auna Dennis 
TBD Eastern Hi-Line Area  Charly Allmer
TBD Billings Area Charly Allmer
TBD Sidney Area  Emily Cappis
TBD Western Hi-Line Area  Auna Dennis 
TBD  Hardin Area Auna Dennis 
TBD Helena/Butte Area Andromeda Abarr
TBD Lewistown Area Anna Herbert 
TBD Great Falls Area Emily Cappis
TBD Kalispell Area Anna Herbert 
TBD Missoula Area Auna Dennis 

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