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Breeding Program

Busch Agricultural Resources LLC


Spring two-row
Adapted to irrgated land in western US.

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Similar yields to Growler, Voyager, and Merit 57.
Protein: Higher than average, 13.0%
Maturity: Harvest time simliar to Voyager.
Straw Strength: Midstrong; under high yield management, include the use of growth regulators to improve yield and lodging.
Straw Length: two – three inches shorterand plumps were a little lower than checks.
Disease Reaction: Susceptible to preharvest sprout. Moderately susceptible to net blotch net form, net blotch spot form, and FHB. Moderately resistant to spot blotch.  Moderately susceptible to common root rot.

Malting Characteristics

High malt extract, good grain plumpness. 

Quality Traits

Eagle has been tested in the variety trials for three years in which yield and test weight were comparable to ABI Voyager. ABI Eagle should replace Merit 57, having midlevel protein. Lodging was a little less than Voyager, but protein was higher. FHB reaction initially has been similar to ABI Voyager. 


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