The Bracken Center is located in Room 110 on the first floor of Jabs Hall.  Walk-ins are welcome, but an appointment will assure you of getting help.

We offer both in-person and remote appointments to serve your needs.

As business communications professionals, Bracken Center coaches are committed to helping improve your communication skills and professionalism. Make an appointment with a Bracken Center coach to receive one-on-one support and feedback that will help improve your writing, speaking, interviewing, and oral presentation skills.

Bracken Center coaches can assist students with:

  • Brainstorming, organizing and formatting papers, as well as identifying effective business writing techniques to reach specific audiences.
  • Individual and group presentations, interview preparation, and PowerPoint slides.
  • Résumés, cover letters, business memos, and applications.

Any student enrolled in courses in Jabs Hall is welcome to use Bracken Center services to improve their communication skills and support them with class assignments involving speaking or writing.  Start a solid habit of visiting the BBCC as a freshman and throughout your Jabs academic career.  We'll celebrate with you as you graduate and take your honed communication skills into your next academic or career adventure!

Benefits of Improved Communications

  • The ability to write and communicate clearly is your ticket to professional opportunity.
  • Salaried employees frequently produce reports, memos, and other written correspondence, as well as regularly communicate through email and PowerPoint presentations, as part of their jobs.
  • Career success depends on the ability to present your thoughts effectively, in a convincing and persuasive manner.
  • Polished writing and oral communication skills can set you apart from other candidates in job interviews and get you in the door.

If you are majoring or minoring in Business or are enrolled in a business course, you may schedule a Bracken Center appointment through the Clinic's 24‐hour, online scheduling service.

In order to use Bracken Center services, you’ll first need to register for our integrated scheduling system and client database, WCOnline. Please visit to get started. You also can update your profile at any time by logging into this page.

To help you remember your appointment, you can receive a reminder the day before your appointment by email or text.  When you register, please opt in to receive reminders to help us reduce the number of no-shows. 

NOTE: the MSU Writing Center uses the same integrated scheduling service. Our account is separate from theirs, so you must register with the Bracken Center, too.

Appointment Length: Each appointment is 30 minutes long, and students may reserve up to one hour a day in appointment time for papers longer than three pages, résumé reviews, or for assignments that are more complex.

What to Bring to Your Appointment: Please bring a finished draft AND a copy of your assignment to your BBCC appointment. You may also bring a zip drive or your laptop if you wish to edit your assignment electronically.

Missed appointments reflect a lack of consideration for your fellow students. Please click on your appointment in the WCOnline interface ( to cancel. If you neglect to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we will record your appointment as a "no show."

If you receive more than three "no shows" within one semester, you may not use the services provided through the Bracken Center for the remainder of that semester. As a courtesy, you will be notified by phone and/or email after you receive two "no shows".

Please feel free to contact someone from the Bracken Center to discuss ways to manage your appointment times successfully. Email [email protected] for further assistance.

Enter your online session by opening the appointment in WCOnline, then click on the "start or join" link that appears on the appointment form. You'll be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone when the Module first loads. Please allow this access so you can meet with your coach effectively.

You can upload your document(s) any time prior to or during your appointment. Alternately, you may share your document by sharing your screen. You will be the one responsible for making any edits and taking notes, making this option useful. If you intend to upload your document, please do so prior to your appointment so we can maximize our time together productively. 

To upload a document, click on your appointment block in the scheduler and click on the hyperlink to access the remote environment. Once the Online Consultation Module opens, you’ll see a screen with a toolbar and several columns.

The large, white space in the middle of the screen is the shared whiteboard (where you can work on a text with your coach). The whiteboard opens with a brief description of the main features in the Online Consultation Module. In order to begin working with your own paper, either copy and paste your paper into the whiteboard or click the double arrow icon in order to import your own document into the whiteboard.   

If you intend to share your document via “share screen,” the online consultation module displays a third column that contains your video (and the video from your coach) and offers a screen sharing option.  Before video is shared, in most browsers on most devices, you will see a small black rectangle that has a few icons, including a video camera symbol. If you have not yet allowed access to your camera, click the video icon anytime to share your video.  On a mobile device, you might need to minimize the text chat (by clicking on the "-" button) in order to see audio and video.

Email [email protected] if you have questions.