Welcome to Jabs Hall!  

On this page you will find the Jabs Hall Event and Meeting Planning checklist and information to assist you in maximizing your meetings or events in Jabs Hall.

In order for our staff and administration to best serve all Jabs clubs, departments and classes with available resources, please utilize the checklist at the bottom of this page for each event, series of meetings, or gathering which you plan to hold in Jabs Hall.

If you are a Jabs student club or organization, you will need to coordinate with Beth Schmidt at [email protected] or 406-994-6796 to reserve a space.

***Please note: this information is intended for Jabs clubs and faculty/staff. Non-Jabs groups should contact Conference Services for assistance.

1. General/Contact Info: Event date and time, requested location, contact person and info, and is this hosted by a student club?

2. Facilities and Logistics:

  • Is there admission? Who can attend? What is the event or room capacity?
  • Is there an RSVP? How do you RSVP?
  • Will there be food/beverages? Have you contacted MSU Catering?
  • Did you fill out a hospitality form? (required for all events over $30, clubs do not need to fill this out)
  • AV needs? Furniture needs? Work with a contact below to contact MSU Facilities. Everything will need to be moved back to its original layout.

3. Guests/Speakers:

  • Please submit names & orgs to [email protected]
  • Do they have a political affilitation or are they currently in office? Please contact Audrey, [email protected].
  • Need a speaker gift? Contact Ana or Mariah.
  • Do you need a parking pass? Email [email protected]
    • Include requested pass date/time, # of passes, and guest names

4. Marketing & Promotions

  • Did you read the Jabs signage guidelines (link below)?
  • Promo options: Jabs Weekly, MSU Calendar, Tag Jabs for a social share: @jabsbizschool on Instagram
  • Promo items available to borrow: Table Runner, Jabs banner, Podium, etc. Contact Amy or Mariah.

Quick Link Resources: