The proceeds from this conference allowed the College to create an endowment for student scholarships. Each year, a a number of scholarships are awarded to students who exhibits the key professional traits of mentoring, inspiring,
networking and educating in their on and/or off-campus communities.

Past Scholarship Receipients

2010 Heather Ridley        
2011 Katie Padula        
2012 Jessica Schram        
2013 Jordan Larsen        
2014 SKy Tillett        
2015 Marni Wade        
2016 Hannah Johnston Clarissa Ripley      
2017 Hannah Hoven        
2018 Amber Friesz Xiaoqing Zhu      
2019 Amanda Muscha Kodi Myhre Marie Reber Selena Tidswell  
2020 Kareena Jaiswal Kirsten Kraske   Adena Shea Loomis   Isabella Mackey  Brianna Winter 
2021 Hannah Rasmussen     Alexis Tinsley Devyn Hughes