Conference Agenda

8:15 am      Welcome
8:25-9:25 am      Leading with Courage Chantel Scheiffer
9:35-10:25         Break out Session I: Select one

The Missing Link: The Role of Joy in Creating Success: Deb Penner

While determination and a willingness to fall and rise again are undoubtedly required to generate success in any arena, there is a profound lack of recognition in the world of business regarding the power of joy. In her session, Deb explores the value of joy in a success-centered culture, and how following joy can create deeper meaning and accomplishment, in business and in life.

Engineering Your Leadership Influences By Engineering a New Mindset:Nikki Dixon-Foley

Learn how you manage change comes down to your chosen state of mind. This interactive workshop will prepare you with new tools and practices to manage yourself while leading others and your organizations through change. Discover how embracing a new state of mind that focuses on solutions, collaboration, creativity, and communication will help drive yourself and others to successful results.

During this session, participants will: 1. Discover how to create new patterns of thinking during challenging times. 2. Uncover the importance of collaborative efforts to solve unique organizational issues 3. Learn how to unify teams with intentional communication practices.

Gracious Space:Shari Eslinger

Shari will lead participants through how to make relationships stronger and work flow more creatively. This session will provide a powerful and proven approach to hold our differences, dialogues and dreams so we can invent a more positive future together.

Financial Literacy Leads to Stronger Businesses:Jolene Randall

This interactive workshop will prepare you with new tools and practices to manage yourself while leading others and your organizations through change. Discover how embracing a new state of mind that focuses on solutions, collaboration, creativity, and communication will help drive yourself and others to successful results.

Body of 9: How Your Body Informs You & Influences Your Experiences/Relationships:Susan Bennett Fisher

This session will enable you to: Connect more deeply with your inner self, Communicate more effectively with your family and friends, Work more cohesively with your coworkers, Find harmony and resilience in your romantic relationships, Pursue passions and careers that suit your unique gifts, Live your most authentic and inspired life.

10:40-11:30am   Break out Session II: Select one

When Life Gives You Lemons (Small Business Panel): Ellie Southworth, Tina Cusker, Natalie Van Dusen, Deejay Newell

Building a Thriving Culture: Hillary Folkvord

How Your Best Self Translates into The Best Leader: Ashley Schwader

Do you desire to be a strong leader and thrive in the business world? Have you often wondered about how to create your best self to achieve your goals? Together we will focus on the importance of creating your best self through self-care and how this translates into your work. Opportunities will be given to connect with others, share ideas, and learn how to cultivate the true strong leader you are meant to be. We will take action to set ourselves up for success with a self-care toolbox learning tips such as setting boundaries, asking for help, creating support systems, and moving our bodies.

Deepfakes in Today's Business World:Amy Schulte

Deepfakes are defined as an altered video or photo used to maliciously deceive a person or an organization. Through AI technology we are seeing tons of videos pop into mainstream media that changing the way production is conducted as well as the effects these videos have on our businesses and lives. TikTok and Snapchat have paved the way into making these powerful tools available at our fingertips. Learn to spot a Deepfake, create a video using AI technology to benefit your business, and transition your business into the next wave technology with ease!


11:40-12:30        Panel: Women in Male-Dominated Industries: Suzanne Davis, Ali Knapp, April LaMon, Aimee Miller, Abby Schlatter, Heather Urkuski
Jenni Graff with Early Stage Montana will be moderating this panel featuring these powerhouse professionals in the tech industry.
12:30-1:00pm   Pump Up Session: Missy O'Malley
1:05-1:55pm   Breakout Session III: Select one
You are a Walking Vision Board: Sheryl Wright
Learn how when we identify our core values, personally and professionally, and live and work in alignment with them, we become walking vision boards that inspire and support our families and communities.Sheryl will walk conference attendees through exercises to identify their core values and outline ways to live and work in alignment.
Become Free and Fearless in Business Using Improv: Molly Hannan and Annie O'Connor
Improv is an art form that requires skills that are also extremely useful and applicable in professional life. We will use these improv skills to demonstrate how simple changes to how you listen, collaborate, and approach situations can help build confidence, find your voice and let go of judgement.

Business Growth: When to do it + Pitfalls to Avoid:Suzi Berget White

At Prospera we work with more than 2,000 business owners and professionals per year! In this session we will review tips and tricks as well as templates for cash flow, grants, financials, marketing, and hiring the right employees! We have seen it all at Prospera and we are here to help you learn when to grow, how to staff up and finance your expansion, and the pitfalls to avoid. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Elinor Roosevelt

Generational Identity:
Laura Thum

In this workshop, the five current generations in the United States will be introduced and some of the key historical events, figures, and associated stereotypes will be reviewed. Following, some strategies to enhance engaging cross-generationally in the workplace will be highlighted and participants will have an opportunity to reflect and explore how they can apply this in their work role.

Leadership, Turning Knowing into Action:
Marissa McDonough

She will talk about "How to lead when the world feels like it is falling apart." The group will walk through creating a system that takes the "knowing" and turns it into "doing". She will help attendees take all the knowledge that they already have on leadership and create a practice.

Too many leadership courses simply focus on what leadership is, but few show you how to implement it. Attendees will walk away with a practice to commit to and 3 simple questions that you will use daily to take the next step in your personal leadership journey.

2:15-3:30pm        Leadership: Tricia Binford

She will be sharing her experiences working with athletes and cultivating leaders as well as addressing physical connection to the leadership mindset, overcoming setbacks, finding unlikely leaders, and being a woman in a field with many dominating male personalities.

3:45-3:55pm         Awards & Closing
4:00-5:00pm        Networking Event & Raffle

Morning Group Speaker

Chantel ScheifferChantel Scheifferis the President and CEO of Leadership Montana, the premier leadership development program in the state.

“Work hard, do good, and be kind” has been her motto over the past twenty-five years while making a career of building better communities through public service, private industry, and non-profit organizations.

A lifelong Montanan, Chantel knows the power of bringing people together in collaboration to advance our treasured state. Her passion for community extends to her volunteer work as she has served too many statewide and local organizations to name.

A student of leadership, Chantel is a graduate of Leadership Montana’s Class of 2010 and the inaugural Masters Class of 2019. She also currently serves as International Vice President for Alpha Omicron Pi women’s fraternity and was honored internationally with the Alpha Omicron Pi Woman of Leadership Award in 2017 and in 2018 received the prestigious ATHENA Leadership Award. Chantel is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, trained by Dr. Brené Brown in 2019, and also a certified Gracious Space facilitator.

Breakout Presenters (Listed in order of agenda)

  Deb PennerDeb Penner is an entrepreneur of 15 years, a life coach for women, and the founder of the FEnomenon women’s retreat, held twice annually in Butte, MT.On a personal level, Deb is a motorcycle mama, dog mama, and Earth mama. She loves being outdoors, particularly near the water, is an enthusiastic home chef, and reads voraciously.
Professionally, Deb describes herself as an excuse-busting, dream-building, inspiration-generating, unfailingly passionate guide for women. Her self-selected title is Mistress of Change, and her mission is to offer her sisters permission, provocation, and powerful tools to find their authentic center & live joyfully from that space.

Nikki Dixon-FoleyNikki Dixon-Foleyholds an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and has a powerful track record of building cultures with intent, enhancing employee engagement, and coaching individuals to hone their leadership abilities. She is trained and certified as a neuroscience leadership coach and masterfully weaves the understanding of neuroscience principles into leadership execution.


Shari EslingerShari Eslinger a leader always looking for an inspiring vision. At Aspen Springs Consulting, she engineers and implements solutions for her community, whether it be physical or social infrastructure. Driven by confidence and curiosity, she explores big picture ideas and takes the necessary steps to bring them to fruition.

A Montana native, Shari completed her civil engineering degree at Montana State University in Bozeman. She has a passion for empowering others as well as empowering communities by leveraging her multi-layered professional training and many years of experience to design with this goal in mind. In her spare time, she moonlights as a chauffeur for her kids’ traveling sports teams and loves to travel with her husband.


Jolene RandallJolene Randall is a Montana native who has been in Banking for 20 years, including consumer and commercial lending. Jolene has been in Bozeman for the last 14 years, before that she worked as a lender in Henderson, Nevada. Jolene was in a Banking Management role for 6 years with up to 14 direct reports. She is a 2012 graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School in Seattle WA, along with a Certificate in Banking from AIB/UNLV and Bachelor of Science from University of Mary in Bismarck, ND Jolene is active in the Bozeman community including serving on several non-profits boards along with volunteering.


Susan Bennett FisherSusan Bennett Fisher is a Co-Founder and Teacher of Body of 9, alongside her husband. Body of 9 is an innovative, body-based personality assessment that, through your posture, body type, and how you physically express yourself, identifies your Natural Number.

Since 2012, Susan and her husband have been working together to identify over 8000 people from around the world and to build and share the understanding of how the Body of 9 shows up in so many aspects of human experience.


Hillary FolkvordHillary Folkvordis the owner of the RSVP Motel & Farmer’s Daughters Café. These places encompass her love for fashion, travel, food and home décor.

The RSVP Motel was created after the first boutique hotel venture, The Sacajawea Hotel. She was infatuated with learning everything she could about the hospitality industry with hopes of growing their hotel brand into the future. Hillary is currently working on expanding the RSVP Motel brand to other markets. She is also on the Women’s Foundation of Montana Advisory Committee.

She attended Montana State University on a Women’s Golf Scholarship, where she studied Political Science and Spanish. She later went on to complete an MBA at the University of Denver.  

Outside of her work, in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two kids and husband. She loves cooking, travel, playing golf, yoga.


Ashley SchwaderAshley Schwaderhas extensive experience working in the non-profit, government, public and private sectors. She has dedicated her life's work to serving others and is the Owner and CEO of Two Suns Consulting where she works with multiple organizations and supports them in accelerating their mission to create positive change.

Before starting her own business, she served as a senior executive leadership team member as the Director of Youth Programs at the national non-profit No Barriers. Previous to that role, she was the State of Colorado's Healthy Schools Manager for the national non-profit Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Enjoying all work that creates positive change, Ashley has also served on non-profit boards, participated in community impact, grant writing, partnership building, program delivery, freelance writing, health coaching, personal training, teaching group exercise, public speaking, policy advocacy, and has even been the president of an HOA.

Ashley holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Change Management and Innovation from Colorado State University. She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a Specialization in Health Promotion from Colorado State University and is a first generation college graduate.


Amy SchulteAmy Schulte  is the owner of Moonlight Marketing & Events in beautiful Butte, America and works with clients all across the state on their marketing. In June of 2021, she became the Events Manager at the historic Front Street Station and has recently taken over the Montana Young Professionals Organization. She is Past President of Butte Business Network and is also involved in Butte Young Professionals, the Area Management Team for Special Olympics, ENCORE women’s leadership group, board member for Safe Space, and many other organizations. Amy's favorite "job" is coaching shot put for Butte High School's track team. Amy was honored to be named Montana's Young Professional of the Year in 2021, as well as one of '20 under 40' Outstanding Community Members in SW Montana in 2020.


Sheryl WrightSheryl Wrightis the proud mom of two young adult children, is a breast cancer survivor, and a loving daughter, sister and friend. Empowering and supporting women to step out of their comfort zones is her jam, which is why she created Dare to Detour. Sheryl guides women in cultivating their resilience, creativity, and vitality through retreat experiences that allow them to connect with who they are now. She has happily called Bozeman, MT home since 2017.




Missy O'MalleyMissy O'Malley is the local Jill of all trades. She has been in the Bozeman community for almost 20 years and has done everything from morning news, local radio, snowboard coaching, comedy troupes, DJing, fundraising, etc. In 2016 Missy and her sister Katie went to the Harvard of Auctioneering Schools in St. Louis and in the past 5 years have raised almost 5 million dollars for local causes and non-profits.




Molly HannanMolly Hannan is a longtime Bozeman, Montana resident and a Physical Therapist by training. While she enjoyed Physical Therapy, she fell in love with improv after taking a class ten years ago. Since then her life has shifted course to running a non-profit community theater, teaching and performing improv, to owning a Comedy Club here in Bozeman. She is evidence of how improv can impact your life and help you pursue your passions in your personal and professional life. She is a wife, a mom to three kids, and an avid runner, hiker and enjoyer of the outdoors!



Suzi Berget WhiteSuzi Berget White has counseled more than 1,000 business owners throughout Montana in her role as the Business Development Director of Prospera Business Network. Suzi is also a small business owner who has successfully launched and brought to market three businesses and effectively expanded, and sold, a construction business.

Suzi is a contributor to many podcasts, webinars, and blogs. She won the “20 under 40 years old” award in Southwest Montana in 2018 and the "Ambassador of the Year" in 2020. Suzi serves on the Montana Ambassadors board and is the Vice Chair for the Bozeman Chapter. She also serves on the City of Bozeman Economic Vitality Board and is actively involved with the Montana Economic Development Association and Bozeman Connect.


Laura ThumLaura Thum is a licensed psychologist working at Counseling and Psychological Services as the Assistant director for outreach and prevention. She has engaged in clinical work with undergraduate and graduate students for the past ten years as well as assisted in providing outreach/prevention training and support to faculty, staff and students. She loves working on campus and being a part of the Bozeman community!



Marissa McDonoughMarissa McDonough has been an entrepreneur for over 17 years and has built four successful businesses from the ground up. Marissa's first career was in real estate where she was a Broker in Montana. Marissa was named the Rising Star of a billion-dollar company and is known for her grit and realness. Over her career, Marissa is known for her influence and ability to help others get out of their comfort zone, get to the heart of the issues, be authentic, and create real results. With over 9 years of personally coaching thousands of people, Marissa has developed a system that creates results and focuses on the action. Marissa is a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and trainer whose down-to-earth, humorous approach captivates audiences, no matter their age or location. If you are looking to create results and inspire your audience look no further than Marissa McDonough. Marissa is a Montana native, born & raised in Butte America, and now living in Bozeman with her husband and three daughters.


Morning Panelists


Tina CuskerTina Cusker is a 5th generation Montana, MSU alum (BS Ed ’92), and 30 year career educator recently transitioned to small business owner of La Cuisine, Bozeman’s new French inspired kitchen store and culinary classroom. Cusker and her husband, Brett raised two children while living in Germany, Belgium, South Korea and six different states during Brett’s 25 year military career. La Cuisine delivers Montana made artisan goods and European kitchen products, a nod to their diverse life experiences, world travels and Tina’s passion for cooking and entertaining. La Cuisine opened its doors on September 29, 2021 and on February 1st was identified as the 2022 #1 New Business by the Bozeman Magazine Reader’s Poll. La Cuisine’s business mission is focused on building community around the table, and that includes establishing key partnerships with local restaurants and chefs who deliver the weekly cooking classes, the artisan and food producers who supply retail goods, and the client relationships that are forged around the table every week. Please join La Cuisine in the heart of our home, our kitchen!

Deejay NewellDeejay Newell graduated from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor in Political Science, an emphasis in Legal Studies, a Minor in Criminal Justice, and a Paralegal and Mediation certificate. She was distracted from her love and passion for the law when she landed in Bozeman in the spring of 2014. After two weeks of working for Natalie, a childhood friend and mentor, at her coffee shop and experiencing life in Bozeman, she pivoted and decided to pursue a life in Montana and a career in coffee permanently. She is now a co-owner of Treeline Coffee Roasters and sits on the Women’s Business Center board for Prospera, The City of Bozeman’s Transportation Super-Board, and was the recent recipient of the Bozeman Chronicle’s 20 Under 40. She enjoys all that Bozeman has to offer and loves to use her business as a platform to give back to her community.
Ellis SouthworthEllie Southworth originally made her way to Bozeman to complete her bachelor’s degree in GIS. After graduation, she was guiding seasonally in the summers and working in restaurants and bakeries in the winters. With dreams of opening her own bakery, Ellie was hired as the Production Manager at Genuine Ice Cream in 2017. Almost three years later, she purchased the business that she had worked tirelessly developing. She poured her heart and soul into building and growing a company that she could be proud of - one that supports its community, that is respected in the business community and that provides a supportive and growth-oriented work environment and culture for its employees. Ellie believes that it is important to be a good neighbor in her daily interactions and through her actions. She uses her business as a vehicle to support her community and empower her employees with a focus on conservation and youth in Montana.    
Natalie Van DusenFollowing a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Natalie Van Dusen’s circuitous career path from summer camp director, to ski bum, to the technical recruiter in Silicon Valley brought her to the stunning mountains of Bozeman where she founded Treeline Coffee Roasters. As a dedicated, celebrated, and certified coffee pro, Natalie has built a worldwide network of farmers, importers, and friends. Using the backdrop of beautiful Montana, she has woven the outdoors into the world of specialty coffee. Natalie is a certified Specialty Coffee Q grader and is working towards becoming a Q Assitant Instructor. She sits on the Downtown Bozeman Partnership board, the Northeast Urban Renewal Board and the Bridger Bowl Foundation Board. She strives to roast an unforgettable cup of coffee that fuels conversations among today’s innovators, outdoor enthusiasts, and coffee lovers.    

Lunch Panelists

Suzanne Davis is the Value Consultant for Xactly.

Ali Knapp is the President of Wisetail.
April LaMonApril LaMon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alosant.
Aimee Miller is a Sales Executive at Vacasa.
Abby Schlatter is the CEO and Co-Founder of commonFont.
Heather Urkuski is the Senior Vice President of Technology for Payouts.

Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Tricia BinfordTricia Binford is the winningest coach in MSU women’s basketball history, and the MSU’s women’s basketball team won the Big Sky Conference championship earlier this year under her leadership. Her keynote presentation will include an opportunity to ask questions.


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